Mother’s Day Musings

Yes yes – I know… That is sooooo yesterday.
I just thought I’d share my rather stressful first Mother’s Day with you all.

Hubby had set his alarm for silly O’clock to watch the first F1 race of the season.
His alarm started going off, and he snoozed happily on through it.
I had to kick him to wake him.
He got up & went downstairs to watch it & I turned over to go back to sleep.

Just as I was nodding off, Sam woke up. (5.40am).
He was wide awake & in full on play mode.
We stuck the telly on & watched some Cbeebies in my bed until the F1 was over.

Sam then made me a rather stinky present.
I was changing him on my bed, on his changing mat (as I have done hundreds of times before).
Yet yesterday morning, he decided it would be fun to kick the dirty nappy out of my hands.
It went SPLAT! face down onto my lovely cream bedding, and all over him too.

Cue lots of hormonal tears, an emergency bath for Sam & hubby
rushing downstairs to cook breakfast (aka keeping well away from the
Once Sam was finally dressed, I am happy to report the day got much better!!

My very clever baby had somehow managed to make me a card & go shopping to buy me a shiny new Sat Nav!!
He knows his mummy so well!! (Our old car had it built in, but the new one doesn’t so I needed one desperately)!
Me, Sam & Hubby then went for a lovely walk around the garden
centre, dropped my mum’s present off & then had a lazy afternoon at
(OK I had a lazy afternoon while Hubby slaved over a warm oven & made a Veggie Roast Dinner). Yum Yum!!

So there you have it – My 1st Mother’s day!!

Hope yours was just as good – if not better!! xx

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