The MADs – 2014

In case you’re not sure, the MADs are “The biggest and brightest awards for Mum and Dad bloggers”. I usually get all excited about the MADs, as I love blogging and love supporting other bloggers.

This year though, I’m not really feeling it. When I say “It”, I mean a couple of things. Firstly, I don’t think I stand a chance of winning as blogging has taken a bit of a back seat for me recently. Life has definitely got in the way. Insomniac kids, autism and a lot of good TV have meant I haven’t fired up my laptop as much recently as I usually do.

The second thing I mean by “not feeling it” is the categories. I don’t feel that MotherGeek really fits into any of them. I guess my blog is stuck in limbo land – sandwiched messily between baby and schooldays in the parenting blog menu.

Here’s a list of this year’s categories, and how I feel I relate to them…

MAD Blog of the Year – Not a cat in hell’s chance – not even close to being worthy!
Best Blog Writer – Not in a Month of Sundays.
Best Baby Blog – Mine are too old to qualify for this category.
Best Pregnancy Blog – Definitely not eligible for this one.
Best Family Travel Blog – Not sure weekly trips to Tesco count as Travelling.
Best New Blog – I’m an old timer now!
Best Craft Blog – HA! Yeah right.
Best Food Blog – Beans on burnt toast, anyone?
Most Innovative Blog – Definitely not my bag!
Best Thrifty Blog – I’ve done a couple of bargain posts, but definitely not award worthy.
Best Schooldays Blog – I don’t have school age kids.
Most Entertaining Blog – I’m definitely not an entertaining blogger.
Best Blog Photography – iPhone snaps don’t make me a photographer.
Best MAD Blog for Family Fun – No way, José! (Or Hozay, if you prefer)!
Best Homes and Interiors Blog – I never blog about this.
Outstanding Contribution – Not in a million years.

See what I mean?

As much as I would love to be nominated, I think it would be a wasted vote. I don’t deserve to win any of those categories. If there was a “Special Needs” category, or a “biggest geek” one, I’d be begging you to vote for me. As it stands though, I’d prefer to ask you to vote for some of the people who I feel DO deserve your votes…

MAD blog of the year – I voted for First Time For Everything. She has made me laugh, cry and go to see my GP with her powerful words. She isn’t a member of any of the parent blogger networks, but the amount of work she has done to raise awareness of cervical cancer is amazing. Find her on Twitter @TweetingLadyMe

Best Pregnancy Blog – It Started With A Squish has had me in hysterics throughout her pregnancy so far. She planned her last minute, budget wedding whilst simultaneously hiding her pregnancy from most of the world!

Best New Blog – I was really torn here between A to Z mummy and Clearly Bex.

Best Schooldays Blog  – The lovely But Why Mummy Why got my vote here!

Best MAD Blog for Family FunGhostwriter Mummy got my vote!

Best Homes and Interiors BlogHollyBobbs was top of my list here. I loved her round and round the garden series in particular!

There are loads of other bloggers I love who I really wanted to nominate, but I felt that; like me, they didn’t really fit into any of the categories.

So there you have it – my reasons for not wanting votes this year, and a few suggestions just in case you’re stuck for ideas! Good luck to everyone.

PS: If you have already voted for me…. I just want to say a huge thank you! While I am not asking for votes, it is always good to know my blog is read and enjoyed by others!

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