Spring has sprung

Dare I say it…? Has Spring finally sprung? I did the nursery run without a coat for the first time this morning, and I didn’t feel cold! (OK I was wearing a jumper, but it’s still cause for celebration – right?!)

I HATE Winter with a passion. Once Christmas is out of the way, January and February are always really miserable. March and April are definitely the months I start to get excited about the year ahead. I’m dragging the kids out later so I can buy some fence paint. I cannot wait to sort the garden out and have some outdoor fun with the kids!

I am beyond excited about an upcoming Spring Wedding too! I got married in June, which I guess is technically Summer. It was raining though, so it didn’t feel like it on the day! I really need to sort out the logistics of getting us all to my friend’s wedding. I am especially looking forward to buying outfits for the kids!

Speaking of clothes, I may have already splurged a bit on clothes for the kids. Especially Syd! Why is it so hard to resist cute girlie clothes?! I can walk past boys stuff easily, but once I pick up a cute outfit for Syd, I know I can’t put it back on the rail. It’s an addiction, I swear. They should put warning labels on marriage certificates saying babies will cause overspending. 

We’re also getting excited now about our holidays – is it June yet?! I
cannot wait to wake up to the sound of birds tweeting, rather than car
alarms going off. Letting the kids run on ahead without fear of cars is
definitely my idea of heaven! 

I am all set for Picnics too. This is one of my absolute favourite things to do on a sunny afternoon. I love to pack up the picnic blankets, pop lots of food and drinks into a cooler bag and then head down to Heaton Park with the kids. I also pack a ball, some bubbles and food for the ducks! The kids love to feed the ducks and then we ride the land train back up the hill to the car park. We’ve been enjoying family picnics since the kids were teeny weeny! This was Syd’s first picnic experience. She’s about 5 weeks old here!

For me, the only down sides to Spring are lighter mornings! Syd has decided she needs to get up as soon as the birds start tweeting. (This is about 5.30am at the moment). The second down side is Hayfever. That’s nothing some anti histamines won’t sort out though, so bring on the sunshine!

What are you most looking forward to about Spring?

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