It’s 22nd August, and I have been juggling working from home with 24/7 special needs parenting for a month now. 2 weeks to go until normality can resume! I’m joining in with “Reasons to be cheerful”, today. I’m not going to lie, this past week has been a tough one. I was bitten on the face by a horsefly and had a severe reaction 2 weeks back, which resulted in me looking like I’d gone 5 rounds with Mike Tyson, and a lot of pain. Thankfully though, after 2 trips to the Doctor, I am finally looking human again.

Reasons To Be Cheerful……

So… what am I feeling cheerful about this week?


I forced hubby to sit down and watch Life in Pieces with me last week, and we both cried laughing. We’ve been binge watching it ever since, and it’s given us more laughs than we’ve had in a long time. I highly recommend watching it. It’s free on Amazon Video if you’re a prime member! Life in pieces is definitely one of my reasons to be cheerful this week!

reasons to be cheerful - Life In Pieces advert

I could see our own family in so many of the characters, it was impossible to keep a straight face. Honestly – if you have Prime now – watch it! Each episode is under 25 minutes long, so they are easy to squeeze into your schedule!

There’s a fair few familiar faces in the show too – Does the guy on the right remind you of anyone? It’s Tom Hanks’ son, and absolute doppelgänger Colin. The lady in the middle? Dianne Wiest: The mom from Edward Scissorhands. The tall guy stood to her right? Barbara Streisand’s Husband, who has been in literally hundreds of shows since the 1960s – including Batman! The 2nd lady in from the left? Betsy Brandt – a regular in Breaking Bad!


I mentioned I’ve had a rough couple of weeks health wise, and being poorly definitely lets you know who your friends are. As much as I detest being ill and needing to ask for help, offers of support have happened, and we survived! Whether it’s been texts asking how I’m doing, or school mum friends taking Syd off my hands of a few hours, I have felt loved and supported by so many people. Feeling supported is definitely one of my reasons to be cheerful!

I’ve been moping around and probably taken some things I have seen online way too personally this past week or so. I am happy to report my friends haven’t disowned me when I have turned into a ranting and raving special needs mum, taking offence at stuff which probably wasn’t meant to offend.


My hubby has a million and one health issues of his own… More serious than mine if we are keeping score. He has been an absolute trooper this past fortnight. He’s walked the dogs, done the food shopping, kept me supplied with insane amounts of chocolate and cake. Hubby even did all of the laundry and ironing to boot – which (admittedly) he usually does anyway. But still…. he’s a keeper! He’s done all of that on top of helping with the kids and working.  I hope he realises how much I love him, and appreciate everything he does. He’s almost always one of my reasons to be cheerful! 


Sam has had a really tough week. His regular weekly respite team have let us down – twice, and his routine has gone to pot. That has caused many sleepless nights and aggressive meltdowns. In between all of that, he’s found a new love for Paddington 2 (Which has been a much welcome change from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). Less Mickey is 100% worthy of a spot in my reasons to be cheerful list!

My Reasons to be cheerful

Syd and I have enjoyed seeing a couple of open air theatre shows this past fortnight. She blogged about one of them herself – feel free to read her review here. Syd has also been amazing with Sam. She’s been putting his favourite shows on for him, helping him to get his favourite snacks and not complaining when he’s been too upset to get out and about.

So there you have it – My reasons to be cheerful!

Finally: What’s made you smile this past week?

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