I was recently sent a pair of Bobux Soft Sole baby shoes to review.
(Ok, ok… Sydney was)!

We received the soft sole cerise pink star flower shoes, and I have to say, we love them.

I am a huge fan of barefoot babies. Both Sam and Sydney spend a lot of time barefoot, and Sam only wore socks and booties for the first 6 Months of his life. Sydney has had shoes on more than Sam did as an infant, but I always try to ensure she has plenty of room to move in them.

Bobux shoes are made from high grade leather, which allows her feet to breathe. They are as close to nature as possible, aside from going barefoot! Sometimes, shoes are necessary, and when they are, I think choosing flexible footwear which is made from natural materials is the best option.

When I first took the Bobux shoes out of the box, I wasn’t sure Sydney’s chunky feet would get into them – I was wrong to be concerned! They went on easily, and they stayed on – despite her having tights on! They even survived a turn in the Jumperoo!

With an RRP of £20, Bobux soft sole baby shoes aren’t the cheapest option, but this is definitely a case of, “You get what you pay for.”
They are funky, stylish, well made and above all else, they are comfortable for Sydney’s little feet.
They are sized at 3-9 Months, so hopefully she will get a fair amount of use from them!

I definitely recommend Bobux Footwear to anybody with babies under 6 Months old.

I give the Bobux soft sole cerise pink star flower shoes 5/5.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Bobux shoes to review, but all opinions and words are my own.

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