Syd is a big dolls fan, so I knew she’d be only too happy to put the new Bratz Instapets Cloe doll through its paces. The doll has an RRP of £19.99 and is suitable for children aged 5 and over.

Bratz Instapets Cloe Doll

The Bratz girls take fashion inspiration from all kinds of places – including their insta-famous InstaPets (aka their spirit animals). This Bratz doll collection is all about showing off your adorable pet by snapping cute pics and posting it on Instagram, or dressing head to toe in an outfit inspired by your cute spirit animal. Each of the 5 dolls available in this set comes with a kawaii cute spirit animal bobble head. Each doll comes with smart phone and spirit animal phone case.

Bratz Instapets Cloe Doll

The Cloe doll is celebrating her pet Pig! She comes with a cite bobble head piggy, a pig shaped phone case and her own mobile phone. She also comes with sunglasses, a pig-ear headband and a pink, piggy inspired outfit (All pictured above).


Rather than spending ages describing all of the included pieces, I made this video so you can see them for yourself….

As you’d expect with Bratz dolls, the clothes and shoes will fit the other Bratz dolls available to buy separately, so you can swap and change outfits and accessories if you have more than one doll to create even more styles.

My daughter loved the amount of different looks you can create with the included pieces. Cloe looks great both with and without her sunglasses, headband and earrings.

Bratz Instapets Cloe Doll

All told, we really like the doll. She is a little heavily made up on the make up front, but because she doesn’t look like a “real” person, this isn’t an issue to me. (Her high head, lips and feet make her more cartoon like than most fashion dolls in my opinion). Her hair was soft and easy to style. The included brush went through her hair well, too.

Syd loved the idea of her doll taking her photo, and was only too happy to pose!

Syd and Bratz Instapets Cloe

We were sent the doll to review but all words and opinions are our own. Finally, read more of our reviews here.

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