Each Balearic island is unique. From Ibiza to Formentera, no one is the same. Menorca is quite possibly the most unique of them all; even its food is distinctive – as well as delicious. Though it’s often been overshadowed by its bigger neighbours, Menorca oozes charm. Even better, holiday experts Villa Plus offer quality lodgings here.

The Hidden Charms of Menorca

Not to be confused with its larger neighbour Majorca… Menorca’s hidden gems make it even more appealing, in my opinion. I’ll explore the best ones here.

Turqueta Cove – (South West Menorca)

Named ‘Cala de Turqueta’ in Spanish, Turqueta Cove is idyllic. If you want seclusion, you’re likely to find it here.
I visited back in 1999, so can say with confidence… If you love clear water and white sand, you’ll definitely want to visit. It’s rarely cram packed with tourists –you can fully unwind here at any point in the year.

A winter visit, however, could mean that your travel team has the beach to itself. Depending on when you go, you may secure a truly private day out here.
If so, you can relax in your own space, surrounded by Mediterranean beauty. Visiting at Sunset means you get a truly relaxing and romantic moment to store forever in your memory bank too. It doesn’t get more perfect than this in my book!

Turqueta Cove, Menorca

Lithica – (North West Of The Island)

It’s one thing to see Menorca – it’s another to feel it. To achieve the latter, why not explore its cultural sites? Though it may sound unlikely, a famous quarry should be on your to do list. Situated on the outskirts of port city Ciutadella, it recreates the island’s past. If you want to find somewhere to stay locally, a quick google search of Holiday lettings Spain should help.

The mock Medieval town is particularly impressive. If you’re travelling with kids, it may just pique their curiosity. In turn, it could help them to learn more about their European neighbours. Lithica also offers walking routes, all of which showcase spectacular views. Therefore, it enables both physical and educational exploration. Additionally, it’s a relatively unknown landmark, so is unlikely to be bursting at the seems when you visit.

Torre d’en Galmés – (South Of The Island)

‘Authentic’ is perhaps the best word to describe Torre d’en Galmés. An ancient settlement, it testifies the palimpsest of history that is Menorca. Its remnants provide a rare glimpse into Menorca’s past. Many of its artefacts have shed light on not just Menorcan – but also global – history.

What’s more, it’s surrounded by greenery. A trip here could involve a walk through some of the island’s lusher areas. You can learn and view more of the island’s landscape. Torre d’en Galmés provides the perfect day out for adults and children alike. It makes for a great activity for families holidaying in Menorca.

Menorca can be magical to visit. Once you know where to look, you can make the most of a vacation here. With these tips, you could easily achieve this. Don’t overlook the beaches though. If you want to relax and do nothing, they are by far my favourite Menorcan thing! Finally, check out my travel category for more inspiration!

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