Guess Robin’s Sex

The time has almost come for my 20 week scan.
We are hoping to find out Robin’s gender too.

I have decided to do a “guess the sex” post just so people can have a
guess, and we can see if any of the old wives tales are right.

So here’s a “bump” photo from today for starters….

19 weeks, 2 days pregnant

To me, my bump looks very much all up front.

I had a couple of weeks of nausea this time, but a good 8 weeks of it with Sam.
My hip is sore again, but not as bad as last time (yet).

As cravings go, I haven’t “really” had any yet.
There have been plenty of things I’ve wanted, but the only thing I’d say
I have had on a daily basis is cream cheese. (Probably more to do with
needing the calcium than anything else though).

I haven’t done the “ring test,” and I haven’t gained as much weight
this time as I did with Sam – But I have been trying to avoid eating too
much crap this time around.

The Heart Beat this time is under 140bpm, too – which indicates “boy”
BUT it sounds totally different on the doppler than Sam’s did.

With Sam, I was sure from day 1 he was a boy.
This time, I have no idea.
My guess changes on a daily basis.

This was my bump at roughly the same stage when I was carrying Sam….

19.5 weeks pregnant with Sam

If you guess correctly….. you will win…. NOTHING!!
But you get to be smug about it if you like?!

So there you have it…… place your bets now!!
Do you think Batman’s getting a baby brother or a baby sister?!

PS The 20 week scan is on Wednesday 15th Feb, so just over a week to go!

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