Please Share Your Breast Feeding Tips

This time last year, I was 37 weeks pregnant and confident I’d successfully breast feed.
The reality was completely different. Sam had a “Lazy latch” so was constantly needing to be re attached, this lead to me being very sore very quickly. By the time Sam was 3 weeks old, I hated breast feeding, and it was beginning to affect my bond with him as I associated the pain with him.

I had seen all sorts of breast feeding experts and councilors for help, and been given all sorts of advice – including restraining my baby’s arms behind his back to stop him “pushing” himself off me. By this point, Sam was being topped up with formula in between feeds to give me a break. I then decided to switch to expressing as breast feeding just wasn’t working and I was miserable. I expressed every 2 hours round the clock until Sam was around 10 weeks old, and I continued to combi feed him. By 10 weeks, my supply was almost nothing so I switched to formula feeding. I was upset at first, but within days, both me and Sam were a million times happier.

Now here we are, 12 months later, and 34 weeks pregnant! Only this time, I have zero confidence about breast feeding. I am still determined to try, and hopefully I’ll be more successful. So…. If you have any hints, tips or suggestions as to what I can do to be more successful this time around, feel free to share.

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