What Do I Pack In My Hospital Bag?

I know I know – it has only been 12 months since I last had to pack my hospital bag, so you’d think I’d remember what was what. Alas, I have slept (occasionally) since then, and am now suffering from baby brain AND pregnancy amnesia – What? You’ve never heard of Pregnancy Amnaesia? Ok, perhaps I invented it to make myself feel better! Feel free to use it to your advantage, though!

So. Last time round, I took everything but the kitchen sink, and 90% of it came home, unused! This time, I want to travel as light as possible – given that we will probably have a 12 month old and his pushchair in tow, too. So…. What do I NEED to pack? Here’s what I have so far:

For Me:
Underwear (lots of)!
Maternity Bra
Several Nighties
Dressing Gown
Phone Charger (Phone never leaves my person, so doesn’t need packing).
TENS Machine
Gym Ball & pump
Outfit for travelling home in

Soap or shower gel
Hair Brush with bobbles on it
Maternity pads
Nipple cream
Lip balm
Cooling Spray

For Baby:
Wipes or Cotton Wool – probably wipes
4x Vests
4x Sleepsuits
Coming home outfit
Cardigan or jacket for coming home in
(Hubby will bring car seat when he is collecting us).

For Hubby:
(Ok I *may* steal some of these too).
Clean top
Change for parking.

For Sam:
(He will hopefully be getting dropped off somewhere en route to the hospital – time permitting).
Jars of food
Cartons of milk
Bowls and spoons
3x vests
2x day clothes
2x PJs
Some toys
iPad with his favourite TV shows on
His Pushchair
Travel Cot

So much for packing light! How on earth am I going to fit all of that in the car? Am I forgetting anything? God, I hope not!! Last time, we arrived at the hospital just after 11pm and we left around 20 hours later. (It could have been 10 hours later but it took them 10 hours to sort out a prescription). I want to travel as light as possible, but I don’t want hubby to have to leave if we don’t have enough of something.

Feel free to suggest anything you think I have missed.

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