Unboxing The Phil And Teds Vibe V2

After 6 Months of deliberating, we FINALLY bought a dual pushchair.
We opted for the Phil & Teds Vibe V2 with double kit. In Red & Black.
It has an RRP of £693 but we got a bargain via Kiddicare, and paid just £498.55!

I spent a long time researching which dual pushchair was best suited for us, and the Vibe V2 was the overall winner because:
1). It folds with both seats still in place.
2). Both seats have a recline and a hood.
3). It can be used as a single.
4). It is the width of a single pushchair
5). It isn’t any longer than a standard pushchair.

Anyways, enough of my chatting – here’s my video showing you exactly what is in the boxes.

This is not a sponsored post. We bought the pushchair and I am just sharing info which I have noticed is lacking online.

Stay tuned for my “how to assemble” video which will be live within the next week.

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