Syd has been asking to get her own “website like mummy’s” for a while, so I have set her up with her own section on mine…. This is the second post in the new “Sydney Says” series. This post is 6 year old Sydney’s review of our Bader Braves family flight we went on earlier today. All words and opinions are her own. (She typed it, I added the photos)!

So, without further ado, here’s Sydney’s take on their Bader Braves flight

Syd in the cockpit on her Bader Braves flight

“Today me sam and mum went up in a plane.

We climbed on the wing to get into the plane.

I sat next to the pilot.

Her name was Alison.

She said not to touch the wheel.

Sam excited for take off

We went up really high.

We flew across the countryside.

I got to fly the plane for a little bit.

Me sam and mum loved it.

Sam, Mum and the pilot stood in front of the plane, post Bader Braves flight. Syd in the background.

Sam got a certificate. 

Me and sam got a bracelet and a t-shirt each. 

We went on the playground and then we had dinner.”

That’s it from Syd this time!

A few notes from MotherGeek…..

Firstly, The flight was part of the Bader Braves Day at Barton City Airport, Manchester.

Bader Braves is part of the Douglas Bader Foundation. They provide youngsters from 6-16 who have limb deficiency and other disabilities with the opportunity of experiencing flight in a light aircraft. Find out more about them here.

You can watch our full flight video here – I did a Facebook Live video, so I could share the flight as it happened. Skip to 6 minutes 45 seconds to just watch Syd take control of the plane…..

You can find more of our Autism blog posts here.

Finally, I just want to say a massive thank you to Bader Braves for another amazing day. Sam loved every second of the day.

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