My Sunday Photo – 22 July

Last weekend, we went to a Family Fun Day at Ordsall Hall – Salford’s Tudor Home. I decided to share some photos as today’s My Sunday Photo – 22 July. The majority of the event was too noisy and busy for Sam, who has Autism but we found a little sanctuary amongst the noisiness…

Sam on a 1960s Salford Bus - 22 July 2018

Sam loves vehicles – especially buses, helicopters and planes, so he was pretty happy to find a 1960’s Salford Bus at the event. Sam can’t talk, but that didn’t stop him exploring the bus or wrapping the staff around his finger. I explained about Sam’s Autism, and the two men In charge of looking after the bus took him under their wing – he even sat with them and held the donation bucket for a good while, encouraging other visitors to pop in some pennies like he did.

Sam sat inside a 1960s Salford Bus My Sunday Photo - 22 July 2018

Sam loved exploring the bus. I’m not quite old enough to remember open back buses being on the roads in Manchester and Salford, but I did remember how hideously hot the upper deck was. Sam wanted to sit up there for the best view, but it was far too hot for us. The bus was parked up, so it was like a greenhouse in there. I definitely think these pictures are worthy of being featured in My Sunday Photo – 22 July!

Inflation – November 1967!

One thing which struck me was how much comfier the 1960’s bus seats were, compared to its’ modern counterpart. I loved the original price increase notice too…..

1967 bus prices UK Salford Manchester

Bus fares have definitely risen more than inflation…. 6d (or sixpence) in 1967 is worth approximately £1.06 today. I paid around £3 for a single ticket into Manchester City Centre from Swinton last year. I guess we’ve got the Petrol Taxes to thank for that!

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