I have a bit of a dilemma. Sam is 9 weeks old today & loves being bounced or rocked. He has a bouncy chair (an electric Mamas & Papas one), but it’s
rubbish & I still have to bounce him constantly, or he cries. I don’t have much spare money, but want to buy him something to keep him entertained when we are at home. So I can get a few jobs done. Even if it’s just used when I make tea, it would help a lot. So… Decisions decisions…

My dilemma is this…

Do I buy him a swing, a better bouncer or a Jumperoo? Decisions decisions

Sam holds up his own head, unsupported most of the time now, but can’t actually sit up yet. I don’t think it will be much longer until he is holding his head up all the time. So I don’t want to spend loads on a new bouncer or swing, only for it to be unsuitable in next to no time.

Sam is also pretty long. He needs 3-6 month babygrows and trousers now because his legs are so long. So this might impact the suitability
of some things too? Can anyone offer any suggestions for which baby products might be best?

I was looking at the Fisher Price Adorable Animals Take-Along Baby Swing… Thinking it would be easy to carry round the house and set up wherever I was doing something. However, as they are only suitable for up to 9kg, is £52 a lot to spend for what might only be usable for a month or 2?

(Sam is already almost 6kg, and has gained 2kg since birth).

Plan B

As a cheap, temporary solution, I could get a basic bouncer, in the hope he could bounce it himself, and I could carry it around the house as it would be lighter than his current electric one? This is the Poppy Basic Baby Bouncer from Kiddicare. It is in the sale for £10.95.

Or… knowing I want to get him a Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo as soon as he can use one, do I just hang on and get him one of those in a few weeks when I am confident he can hold his head up unsupported? They are reduced to £68 on Amazon at the moment, but I know they will jump back up in price again soon, so do I just bite the bullet & buy one now?


decisions decisions - Jumperoo

I know this won’t be easy to move around the house, but it will last longer than the other 2 options, so even if it is only used when I’m in the kitchen for now, it’ll be a lifesaver. (Assuming he likes it, of course).

Sam has a play nest and a play gym but will only use them really if you are playing with him too. (Oh, I forgot to mention – I am really weird about stuff being brand new – I am always paranoid about where something has come from, and if it has been damaged, etc. Because of this, the idea of buying a used one
from eBay freaks me out a bit). See now why this post is titled Decisions decisions?

So, which (if any) of these products would you recommend? And what product would you buy for this purpose, if you could only afford one of them? Any advice or suggestions are much appreciated.

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