Should Babies Watch TV?

This is another of those touchy subjects that I know people have quite strong views about….

Sam is 22 weeks old now & absolutely LOVES to watch TV.
His favourite is by far (as I am sure you know) Raa Raa the noisy lion.
I don’t have a problem with him watching TV.
It isn’t the only thing he does, and it is the only thing which occupies him enough to allow me to get anything done.

Before I let him watch TV, he would literally be in my arms all day
every day – to the point where he’s be sat on the loo with me! (Or
screaming like he was being murdered if I left him in the lounge or his

Don’t get me wrong, he interacts with other things too – he loves his
Jumperoo. But that alone only keeps him occupied for 10 minutes or so,
without the TV on as well.
I hope that as he gets older & can play more, I will be able to
reduce the amount of TV he watches. But if not, no problem (in my eyes).

As a child, I was a total telly addict too. I don’t have “square
eyes” – in fact, I am the only one out of my 5 siblings not to need
I am not a social reject (ok maybe I am now, but that has more to do
with giving up partying & becoming a mummy than it does watching
I also got very good grades in school, so it didn’t stop me academically either.
Perhaps I spent more time indoors than some of my friends, but I had a
disabled sister who I helped to care for & due to her issues, a lot
of the games we played were indoor ones. (board games and such like).

Anyway… I Digress….

My question to you is:

Do you let your baby watch TV? If so: how much? If not: why not?

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