Syd has been asking and asking to get her own “website like mummy’s”, so I have set her up with her own section on mine…. This is the first post in the new “Sydney Says” series. This post is 6 year old Sydney’s review of our visit to the Ordsall Hall Garden Party. All words and opinions are her own. (She typed it, I added the photos)!

So, without further ado…

Here’s Syd’s take on the Ordsall Hall Garden Party

“Today I have been to Ordsall Hall’s family fun day.

Ordsall Hall garden party flyer

On their allotment, I saw sweetcorn. Sam and I sat on a bench.

Sam and Syd sat on a bench in the Ordsall Hall allotment

We went on the rides.

Syd on the cup and saucer ride at the Ordsall Hall Garden Party

Sam went on the bus then I appeared.

Sat on a vintage bus (1967)

Sam loved it on the bus.

Sam enjoying the 1967 Samford double decker bus

I tried to win a teddy, but I couldn’t. So dad bought me this book.

Mog at the zoo book

I loved the big slide. I had a good time.”

And there you have it! Syd’s opinion of the Ordsall Hall Garden Party. Here’s one last photo of Syd writing her first blog post….

Syd writing her blog post

I’d just like to add a few of my own thoughts here.
Plus some tips for attending the event in years to come….

1). Sam has Autism and really struggled with the extremely loud compere, talking in between the band’s performances. If your child is on the spectrum, don’t forget their ear defenders if you’re visiting.

2). Parking was off site, but because we have a blue badge, we were able to use the main Ordsall Hall car park. This was a huge help.

3). It wasn’t at all clear where you bought the ride tickets from. We asked 7 staff members (including the two ladies on the entrance gate), before we finally found someone who knew the answer. (You bought them from a burger stall of all places, and there were no signs)!

4). The bus was brilliant! The two men in charge of it really took Sam under their wing. They were talking to him, and not me which is a big deal for Sam. They were super patient too – by far the best part of the day for Sam!

5). If you’re a typical family, the day would have been brilliant! There were food stalls, fairground rides, fairground attractions and a book stall. Not to mention a beer van and plenty of free activities for kids. If, like us you’re a special needs family… You’d probably only spend an hour there, at most before it became too much. That said, we would definitely attend again in the future – With ear defenders for Sam.

More info on Ordsall Hall

Ordsall Hall is absolutely stunning, and it was wonderful to see so many people there today. It really is a jewel in Salford’s crown, and well worth a visit – even on a standard Sunday!

We paid to attend the event, and weren’t commissioned to write this piece – Syd just really wanted to write about our visit!


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