Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 9

Welcome to week 9 of Trendy Tot Thursday (also known as
#TT_Thursday). If you’ve not taken part before, it’s worth checking out my intro post. If you’re a regular reader/contributor…. feel free to read, comment and share your own #TT_Thursday post below.

My favourite outfit which was shared last week was the Carter’s dress worn by Biscuit over at Biscuit and Cracker! I’ve never come across this brand before, but the dress is definitely something I’d have picked out for Sydney to wear.

Speaking of Sydney… I couldn’t resist getting @BeeBeesKnees to make this twirly skirt for her! It’s a stunning woodland print, and perfect for Autumn! It is hand made and has over 2m of high quality fabric threaded onto an elastic waistband, so it really does twirl when Syd spins!

The skirt cost £20.50 in age 3-4, but it’ll last for ages! The waistband is really stretchy and because it has so much excess fabric, I am confident it’ll grow with her for a couple of years. I teamed it with a bargain Nutmeg long sleeved Tee (this is the Kiddicare/Morrisons clothing brand, which is only available in selected stores – find the list of stockists here). I got 2 tops for £4 in their sale last Month.

Syd’s busy twirling her new Raa Raa umbrella in the photo – not recommended indoors!!

I can’t write about @BeeBeesKnees without mentioning their amazing packaging…

Syd’s skirt was wrapped up as shown above, inside a plastic bag for shipping. This really did make me appreciate the fact the skirt was hand made even more! I am definitely going to be ordering one or two of these skirts to give as gifts to family members in the months/years to come. I cannot recommend them highly enough. (I bought this skirt by the way – it’s not a review item)!

That’s my week 9 #TT_Thursday outfit, now let’s see yours! Feel free to pop your link in the
linky box below, and try to read and comment on some of the other posts
too – that’s what makes linkys work, after all.

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