Last week, Syd and I went to watch an outdoor theatre production of  “The Princess and The Giant” at Ordsall Hall. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know by now that my 6 year old daughter likes to write her own blog posts about some of the things we get up to. We’ve called her little instalments “Sydney Says“. Sydney types out her own review (with a little help when it comes to spelling), but she is in charge of the words, punctuation and capital letters! I then copy her words into the blog post and insert images, as well as a little write up of my own, at the end.

Find out what Syd thought of the Outdoor Theatre below…..

“Me and mum went to see an outside show the other day.

It was called The Princess and the Giant.

The characters were called Princess Sophie the Queen the king and the giant.

outdoor theatre

There were lots of songs.

The audience joined in.

I loved the Outdoor Theatre show.”

And there you have it!

6 year old Syd’s take on Folksy Theatre‘s Outdoor Theatre performance.

If you’d like to attend the show yourself, they are touring the UK. Find out all the tour dates here.

outdoor theatre with folksy theatre

Some thoughts of my own…..

Firstly, the show was an open air performance, and we were lucky the weather stayed dry. If you’re going, make sure you dress for the weather. We took a picnic blanket to sit on, and most of the audience did the same. Some audience members took picnic chairs too though – which probably made for more comfortable viewing!

The show was 1 hour long with no interval, so make sure your little ones visit the bathroom before the show begins. The giant was pretty big! He gave a few of the smaller children a fright, but Syd was fine with him. 

The show engages the audience well – the actors encouraged everyone to get up on their feet to dance along, as well as asking audience members to answer some questions. It was a brilliant family show. Make sure you take along your own refreshments, and some cash to pay for parking (if applicable at your venue), and to buy a program as well! 

We saw the show at Ordsall Hall in Salford, which was a wonderful venue.

outdoor theatre at ordsall hall

All told, we loved the show, and the whole open air theatre experience. So much so, we’re going back to Ordsall Hall next week to watch a different performance!

Finally, you can find out what else is on at Ordsall Hall this summer here. 


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