Syd is 7 in a fortnight, and we’ve booked her a pretty cool party… A Harry Potter Slime Party, no less! It’s cost an arm and a leg, but she deserves it, as she’s had an amazing year, and puts up with a lot, all things considered. Unfortunately for us, we don’t have a money tree planted at the allotment, so we’ve had so save money to make it happen. Today I am sharing some DIY Harry Potter party bag ideas. As I mentioned, Syd’s party is both Harry Potter and slime orientated, so both feature in the contents!

DIY Harry Potter Party Bag Ideas

The first thing I did was set a budget. There’s 12 kids coming, so costs quickly mount up. Her party itself includes food, so that’s one less thing for me to worry about, at least. My kids are particularly reactive to E numbers and sweeteners, and my husband is diabetic, so I was keen to avoid including loads of sweets. With that in mind, I set about scouring the web for ideas.


When it came to invites, I was torn between shop bought ones, or making my own. There are loads of Free Fonts available online, so I decided to make my own. You can always pick up Harry Potter branded ones online, or in your local party supplies store, if you’re not great with design software.

Reusable Bag

Rather than buying plastic bags, I opted for these Fabric Tote Bags, which worked out at 37.5p each! I figured they are cute, bright and reusable – so much better for the environment than those plastic alternatives most card shops stock.

Each of the bags I got measures 10 inches by 10 inches, so they are just the right size for kids. I might leave them plain, but I may print off some iron on transfers for the front, to give them a Harry Potter look. The Jury is still out on that… Perhaps just a simple Lightening bolt, or what I’ve mocked up in the very top image….?

reusable party bags


I found these super cute Harry Potter Snitch Bracelets for 57p each on Amazon back in January. They took a few weeks to arrive, but are a fab item for Syd’s Harry Potter Slime Party! Admittedly, the quality isn’t amazing, but they’ll be great accessories for the kids’ Harry Potter costumes! They’ve gone up a little since then, but are still well under £1 each.

Harry Potter Snitch Bracelet - DIY Harry Potter party bag ideas

Tasty Treats

Syd and I made these Ferrero Rocher Snitches last Halloween, and they went down a storm. We’ll make some more nearer the time, and pop one into each gift bag, along with a home made wand pencil, like those pictured. (Find out how we made both here).


Not standard Harry Potter fare, I know… But as Syd’s is a Harry Potter Slime Party, I had to add some, really. Syd’s party will involve every guest making their own pot of slime, but the fun won’t end there…

I’ve got each child a pack of “Make your own Slime” from Zimpli Kids. I got a complete bargain with these… 24 packs for £10, instead of the £2.99 each RRP. I found them on – You can’t moan at 42p per sachet, can you! Of course, we had 14 “spares”, so gave it a whirl ourselves last week….

make your own slime

Other Ideas

If your guests aren’t sensitive to sugar or sweeteners, you could always opt for some Jelly beans, and pass them off as Every Flavour beans. Additionally, you can get chocolate frog moulds on Amazon, and make your own Chocolate Frogs to pop inside too. (Or buy a box of these, to save yourself the hassle). At 14p each, these chocolate frogs won’t break the bank. You can always include some on the party food table too…

chocolate frogs

I hope you’ve found this post on DIY Harry Potter Party Bag Ideas useful. Finally, why not check out more of my parenting blog posts here.




2 thoughts on “DIY Harry Potter Party Bag Ideas

  1. A Harry Potter Slime Party sounds amazing! Syd is a very lucky girl. What great ideas for the party bags. I love that they are reusable and not plastic. x

  2. Great ideas. We used the very same fabric bags for my son’s birthday this year and they are great. Such a good idea for a theme. Thanks for sharing with the #DreamTeam

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