Symbio B Sonnet

We were sent a Symbio B
Oh my gosh, how lucky are we
We are testing it for 8 weeks
Recording if it groans or creaks

So far so good with the Graco test
It really is one of the best
Pushchairs I have ever used
With others I was not amused

It can be used as a lie flat pram
In early days as a new mam
If baby wants to face away
Flipping the handle is child’s play

The handle flips from front to back
Off it goes with a clickety clack
It has 3 positions of recline
Lay or sat, and a middle incline

The Symbio B is a dream to push
It also looks rather lush
With the brake on the handle bar
You’ll never have to reach too far

The basket is a little petit
But you get instead an amazing seat
The hood has a sunshade flap
Perfect when baby wants to nap

The raincover goes on with ease
That’s yet another thing to please
The seat comes off the chassis base
When you fold it – great for space

Both parts fit into my car boot
With space for shopping – no need to root
The Symbio B is easy to fold
It takes two hands, but I’m still sold

I really do love the Symbio B
And I’m glad it can come home with me
Lots of mums do stop and stare
Because it’s pretty – of that beware

I’m almost at the end of my rhyme
But let it be known I’ve had a great time
Testing the pushchair for Graco
But this is it – I’ve got to go

Goodbye from me and my little prose
Highlighting Graco Symbio’s


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