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This time around, we have already got most of the expensive stuff for Robyn, so we have been able to splurge a bit on a few little things. I have also been sent a few items to review once Robyn arrives, and I am very excited about those things too.

The things I am most excited about are:

Fisher-Price Rainforest Mobile We bought this because Sam adored his Rainforest Jumperoo. I love the fact it has a remote control, so I can turn it on without having to stand right over the cot. Sam didn’t have a mobile but he now has a night light which projects onto the ceiling, and he loves it, so i am very excited about seeing it in action!!

Cuddledry Apron Cuddledry kindly sent us this to review. I have opened it already, and it looks and feels really soft. I tried to use it with Sam, but his 86cm length and 2 stone weight, combined with my baby bump didn’t make for an easy experience. I am really excited about using it with Robyn though. The name of the brand basically describes the apron’s function… You cuddle your baby dry.  I really wanted to buy one when Sam was newborn, but at the time I couldn’t justify the price. If you buy yours directly from CuddleDry you can get 15% off your order using the discount code GEEK15 – BARGAIN!!

Trumpette Mary Jane socks. Anybody who knows me knows I am a bit of a shoe addict. To be fair, my habit has been reigned in since I became a mum, but Trumpette socks were a must buy for me! I bought some for Sam, so Robyn had to have some too. They look like real shoes, and I got lots of comments about Sam’s when he was small. They aren’t the cheapest socks, but Sam’s lasted him 7 months, they washed brilliantly, and they stayed on his feet!! Well worth the money in my opinion.

Ewan The Dream Sheep (or Eve in this case)! It is no secret we are huge fans of Ewan. He made bedtime a doddle for us from the first day he arrived. We knew we had to buy a 2nd one for Robyn, so wasted no time ordering one. We have christened her ‘Eve’ so she’s a she. I cannot wait to see if Eve is as successful in making Robyn fall asleep, as Ewan is with Sam. In my opinion, every parent to be should buy a Ewan the dream sheep!

Vertbaudet have sent me a nursing bra and top and I am really looking forward to giving them a try, too. The bra looks more like a sports bra than a traditional nursing bra. It feels amazing quality, and is really comfy to wear. (I just hope it still fits when the time comes to test it). The top is 3 overlapping layers of fabric at the front, So it allows for really discreet feeding. I never had a top in this style last time round, so I can’t wait to see if I manage to keep it milk-free during feeding time. It feels great quality and really comfortable to wear too.

Britax baby safe SHR II infant carrier – Britax have kindly sent us this to review. I have decided to purchase an isofix base to go with it so I can just clip the car seat in and out of the car with ease, and not have to thread through the seatbelt every time we use the car. The carrier looks a lot more padded and comfier than the carrier Sam had, so I cant wait to see if Robyn is happier in the baby safe than Sam was in his car seat. Sam hated being rear facing and spent 10 months crying every time he was in the car. Fingers crossed the Britax will have more success!

Last but by no means least, the pushchair is exciting me greatly! We have finally decided to buy a…

Phil and Teds Vibe V2 – I cannot wait to put it through its paces. We decided on this pushchair because it has a higher weight limit than most pushchairs (20kg per seat), it folds without having to remove either of the seat units and it can be converted into a single pushchair. I know Phil & Teds aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I feel it will work best for us. I have built it now, we just need Robyn to arrive so I can test it properly!

So there you have it – the things I am most excited about test driving when Robyn arrives. I hope she loves Sam’s baby swing and Jumperoo as much as he did too!!

What are (or were) you most excited about using?

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