Syd got Craft-Tastic

Last week, it dawned on me that Syd is starting nursery in 6 weeks’ time. When September comes, Syd will be starting in Sam’s nursery. She’s doing afternoons, and Sam is staying on mornings. I know this sounds crazy as I’ll still get no time to myself, but honestly… It’ll work best for us. I struggle to get out and about in the afternoons with both of them. More so in the Winter when it’s too cold and wet to go to the park and such like. This means Sam doesn’t get to do much “fun stuff” (Soft play, trips out etc). The plan is that during the 3 afternoons a week Syd is in nursery, I’ll have some 1-1 time with Sam so we can do the things he loves. (Swimming, soft play and just running around outdoors).

Syd’s been doing the “nursery run” with Sam and I for a few weeks now, and she loves to try to join in with the messy play and craft activities while we are there. This spurred me on to get a bit more creative with activities, as I haven’t really done much messy or creative play with her lately.

We were recently sent a bag of craft supplies from Sainsburys, and I decided to crack it open and let Syd do her worst. I set up the small table outside and Syd got busy painting some neon pink card with glitter glue. Next, she stuck dinosaur foam shapes all over it. Syd is a huge dinosaur fan, and really enjoyed playing with the sticky foam shapes. 

As she was creating her “masterpiece”, we were talking about nursery and what she will do when she goes there. I was telling her she will be able to play in the sand and water, paint a
picture, play with the other children and sing songs. She kept saying
“chair” though, so I think the small tables and chairs in Sam’s nursery
have made a lasting impression on her!

When she had finished her picture, she proudly presented it to her Daddy, and got very giddy when he complimented her handiwork! (I think she’s going to love nursery)!

I am definitely going to do more activities like this with Syd over the summer. We do quite a lot of paint, water and sand based play already, but this is the first time she has got to use different materials together. Maybe I’ll get some tissue paper out next time, and let her go to town with crazy messy stuff. (Emphasis on maybe)!

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the craft supplies, and I thought I’d share Syd’s creation.

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