5 years later

I recently signed up to Timehop. You know – that app which tells you every day what you posted on social media on the same date each year previously?

For the most part, it’s been photos of the kids as tiny babies – my entire world for the past 3 years. Then it showed me a tweet I sent out 5 years ago. A Tweet which read “To buy or not to buy – that is the question #Dilemma”

I had to rack my brains quite hard to work out what was happening this time 5 years ago. We’d just finished refurbishing our house. We were about to go on holiday to Tenerife for the 3rd time in 15 Months, and we were discussing the future. I was on a mission to lose weight, and was about 1 stone down at this point.

I couldn’t work out what it was I was debating buying, and I hated myself for sending such an annoying, cryptic tweet. Maybe I was talking about a new pair of shoes or an outfit? I usually share a photo in those instances though. Then I remembered we’d been discussing upping sticks and relocating at around this time. DaddyGeek and I were self employed and working from home in 2009, so in theory, we could work from anywhere. Then I realised…  I’d tweeted about the possibility of buying a villa!

We always stayed in the same villa when we went to Tenerife, and hubby
had been discussing buying it from the owners on a previous trip. We’d
seriously considered selling our house and buying something over there,
but the bank fees involved were scandalous, so we decided to put the plans on

I mentioned this old Tweet to DaddyGeek to share the nostalgia of our pre baby dilemmas. He rolled his eyes and said, “I wish I’d known then what I know now. If we’d used a service like Currencies Direct we’d have saved a small fortune”. I had to remind him at that point that we now have 2 children; so we’d have moved back to the UK anyways, as I wouldn’t have wanted to raise children in Tenerife. That brought him back to reality with a bit of a bump.

So… what is the moral of this story?

No more cryptic tweets! 

(And delete the Timehop app)!

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