Do you love your bathroom? Today I’m sharing tips on creating a stylish family bathroom. In an ideal world, every home would have one bathroom for each family member so no one had to share. However, the reality is that for many households one bathroom has to serve the needs of several people every day. But even if you have to share your bathroom, you can still create a new bathroom that is as stylish as the most luxurious hotel bathrooms, but with all the practicalities to suit your growing family.

Creating A Stylish Family Bathroom – Good Bathroom Storage

For many Americans, their bathroom is the most important room in their house. So to enable you to create a family bathroom that is tidy, modern and stylish, storage is very important. The size and type of storage you can have in your bathroom will greatly depend on the amount of space there is available.

If you are fortunate to have a big bathroom with lots of space… Opting for a large storage unit that will allow you to store (and hide) as much as possible. For smaller bathrooms tight on space, consider wall-hung storage to maximize what space you do have. You can also look into installing a combination unit. This allows you to build your storage around the essential elements of your bathroom such as basin and toilet while giving you space to store items away from view.

modern stylish bathroom - Creating A Stylish Family Bathroom


Choose Stylish Slip Resistant Tiles

Tiles are a fantastic option for a modern family bathroom and can be both beautiful and practical. While they are available in a variety of styles and colors, they are also easy to wipe clean. It’s important to remember, however, that bathrooms floors can become wet and slippery, so ensure you choose a bathroom floor tile that is slip resistant and doesn’t absorb moisture. Textured tiles or tiles with an anti-slip glaze applied to porcelain are available which are very hardwearing.

For a stylish finish to your floor then choose natural stone, marble or limestone tiles. For extra peace of mind, and an opportunity to add some fun and a pop of color into the room, put down some colorful bathroom microfiber floor mats to encourage your children to dry their feet properly.

Squeeze In Two Sets of Taps

Room for two? While the general rule when creating a modern, sleek bathroom is that less is more. Sometimes you need to consider the number of people who will be using the space. If you can fit it into your bathroom design… A double or twin basin is a great idea if there will be a few people sharing the bathroom. If you don’t have enough room for two separate basins, then you can instead install one large basin with two sets of taps.

Are you planning to redesign your family bathroom? It is possible to create a family-friendly bathroom that’s not only practical but also a luxurious haven for you to escape to after a busy day.

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