The “This Girl Can” advertising campaign which aims to get women active has inspired thousands of women to get up and out. It has inspired them to run, cycle, swim and get to the gym. It’s inspired many to do things outside of their “stereotypical gender role” too. I’ve never been one for conforming to those – as a child I loved playing and watching football. I longed for a scalextric and wasn’t even slightly interested in make up until I was 16. It’ll come as no surprise then that I can change tyres.

I can Change Tyres

I passed my driving test in January 2004, and got my first car a week later. MyVauxhall Corsa was an amazing car – I adored Malcom, as he was lovingly named! We travelled all over the UK together. We went up to Orkney, down to London and plenty of places in between too. I didn’t once have to call breakdown out for him, but I did change tyres myself on a few occasions.

Change Tyres - flat tyre

The first of those was the day we scattered my Dad’s ashes in 2007. I walked back to my car afterwards, and noticed I had a flat tyre. My uncle offered to change it for me, but I insisted he talk me through doing it myself instead – seeing as my dad wasn’t around to come and bail me out if it happened again. So that cold, February afternoon, I learnt how to change tyres. I have done it myself twice since then, as well as changing my sister’s as well, when she had a flat tyre.

Get Breakdown Cover If You Can’t Change Tyres

If you don’t think you’d be able to change tyres yourself, it’s important to have breakdown cover – even if your car is brand new! (Nails and shards of debris on the road don’t jump out of the way when they see a new car approaching! For reviews on the best breakdown cover, check out Britain Reviews.

change tyres - car on breakdown truck

Car breakdown cover is one of those things nobody wants to spend money on, but until you’ve been stuck on the motorway with a flat tyre and a crying child in the rain, you probably won’t realise how important it is. The last tyre I changed was in April last year. It was a rainy morning and my tyre blew on the school run. I had to change it at the side of a busy main road, with my son screaming in the back of the car and not one person stopped to help.

While I am capable of changing a tyre myself, I’m no car mechanic. I’d be crying my eyes out if the engine overheated or the electrics stopped working on my commute. If I was to drive abroad, say to France on holiday, then I think that getting some European Breakdown Cover would really make sense. Imagine the cost of getting your car towed home from the South of France…!

Pretty Handy

I’m pretty handy when it comes to most jobs around the house too – need a plug rewiring? I’m your girl. Need a washer or dishwasher installing? Look no further. Is your fuse box so old it still uses fuse wire? I can change it…. Just don’t ask me to set up the router, or a new set top box. I hate that sort of job with a passion!

What’s your super skill? Can you chop veggies better than Gordon Ramsey? Speed clean faster than Kim and Aggie? Put Allen Titchmarsh to shame in the garden? I’d love to hear about it!

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