I’m sharing a series of guest posts from bloggers, in the run up to Christmas. Today’s guest post was written by Chandni from Socialkids.ca . Chandni’s sharing her family’s tradition of visiting Candy Cane Lane, in Alberta, Canada.  Let’s find out more!

Chandni’s thoughts on Christmas Traditions

Christmas joy is in the air, and so is the excitement and Christmas traditions to cherish. The décor will make homes even happier and gifts will be awaited. Along with the changing times, traditions have evolved and changed as well.

We all have different ways and traditions to celebrate this Colorful festival. Do you know when in history we started decorating our Christmas trees? Some believe it started first in 18th century and some still think it began in 16th century. No matter who started and when it started; we all love to decorate our Christmas trees.

I love Christmas traditions which include the whole family getting together and enjoying each other’s company. Christmas tends to be a lot of preparations and excitement at the same time. Traditions around the world are loud and proud. These traditions showcase the festive fun and the love, which brings us all together.

Christmas on Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane

Our Christmas is not complete without a visit to Candy Cane Lane: One of the oldest traditions in Edmonton which has been celebrated for over 50 years now. 2018 will mark the 50th Anniversary of Candy Cane Lane. People come to see the décor and Candy Cane Lane has become a tradition for Edmontonians. The Lane is decorated, and spectators walk by or book a sled to make their visit even more special. Volunteers and Crestwood residents come together to make this beautiful tradition happen. It happens year after year.

Candy Cane Lane is so important to people, that families leave their decorations when they move to ensure the continuity of the Lane. The residents of Candy Cane Lane are even rebated for electricity bills for the last two months of the year, to encourage them to keep the tradition live. You can read more about this tradition at Socialkids.ca

Candy Cane Lane

When: From 1st week of December to January 1st.
Where: 148 between 100 avenue to 92 avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Timing: Evening sunset to midnight

Author Bio:

Chandni is a successful professional and a proud Mom. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram, as well as socialkids.ca

A Word From MotherGeek…

My hubby lived in Canada before we got together, and I’ve heard tales of how their Christmas traditions put ours to shame – Candy Cane Lane sounds amazing!

Thank you for sharing your family Christmas traditions with my readers, Chandni!

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Finally… (This is not a paid post -I’m  just hoping to spread a little festive cheer).

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