Something tells me we won’t be seeing much snow in Salford during Advent this year. That hasn’t stopped me dreaming of a white Christmas though. Somehow Christmas seems more Christmassy when we’ve got a blanket of snow outside.

Dreaming of a white Christmas

Before we had kids, hubby and I had all kinds of magical plans. We were going to take our children to Lapland to meet the big guy, and we’d definitely be visiting the Reindeer while we were there too! I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights, so this seemed like a good way to combine both.

dreaming of a white christmas

Unfortunately, life hasn’t worked out that way. Sam’s Autism means he’d struggle massively with the trip, and I can’t imagine Hubby’s arthritis would appreciate it much, either. That doesn’t stop me longing for a snowy holiday, though.

Snow Holiday

I found myself browsing the Mark Warner website last night, dreaming of a stay in the Chalet Hotel Aiguille Percée. Imagine waking up in a toasty warm hotel suite, looking out at the snowy mountains. Then spending all day enjoying the snow, before coming back to amazing food, entertainment and relaxation! It sounds like bliss! The fact they offer childcare is also a huge plus for me! I wonder how experienced the staff are with children with Autism…?

dreaming of a white Christmas
Image from Mark Warner

Resting Not Skiing

I have to be completely honest… Skiing or snowboarding don’t appeal to me in the slightest. I’d want sleigh rides, feeding reindeer and snowmen building, rather than Winter Sports. I think that’s probably why Lapland always appealed to me… A 3 night break would be plenty for us, and would stop me dreaming of a white Christmas for a few years!

The beauty of a package holiday like this though is you get time for fun as a family and as a couple. The included childcare is definitely a huge game changer! We don’t have relatives who look after the kids for us, so the only time we get to eat out without the children is during the day.

Going away for Christmas

I mentioned in another post that the idea of going away for Christmas appeals to me massively. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily want to be somewhere hot though. I can imagine a Ski holiday or a trip to somewhere like Canada would be amazing at Christmas though. You’d definitely get snow that way, anyway!

I think I’ll be dreaming of a white Christmas  for a few years yet, though. Unless Mother Nature plays ball and gives us snow in the UK! Back in 2010, I was pregnant with Sam and the snow came down heavily! Hubby at that time drove a Porsche, and the rear wheel drive made it pretty scary being on the roads! I remember being so smug I’d ordered our own and my mum’s Christmas food shop online, but then the delivery trucks couldn’t get to either of our houses, so we had to brave the awful roads on Christmas Eve to do TWO food shops! Fun times!

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas too?

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