Being a single parent is tough at times. For me. it’s especially hard when you’re stuck at home and don’t even have the kids for company. So today I’m sharing some ways to spend child-free evenings during lockdown. I have every other weekend to myself, so have come up with quite a few ways to keep busy.

Ways To Spend Child-Free Evenings During Lockdown

Rather than listing the obvious ways to spend child-free evenings during lockdown like Netflix and chill, I’ve thought outside the box a little. So read on for some pretty cool ideas.

Virtual Murder Mystery Night

This idea even helps an amazing charity. McMillan are offering Virtual Murder Mystery Nights. You invite 7 people, so there’s 8 players in total. Each player is then emailed a script and fact sheet about their character. Then you set a date and off you go! It’s great fun and you can even dress up to make it even more fun via Zoom.

There is no fee for signing up, but McMillan ask you to set up a Virgin Money Giving page so all the participants can contribute. This is a truly fun way to raise money for a great cause.

Online Gaming

If you’re a fan of online gaming, there’s plenty to keep you busy right now. For role-plays, a quick google search will find plenty of options, for all tastes. So whether you want a gory soldier type game like Holy War, or a cute and fantasy option like Everquest, there’s something for everyone. If you’re partial to a flutter, you can find a £10 no deposit bonus to keep you busy during child free evenings.

Quiet Time

While those are great ideas, I’m still partial to collapsing in a heap with a good book and some much needed peace and quiet. So don’t feel bad if you too want some time to yourself during your child-free time. It’s perfectly normal.

I had 30 hours of down time this week, and I spent my time walking the dogs, working, reading, and having a super long bath. There was even time for moisturising afterwards – which NEVER happens!

I followed all of this with a super luxurious early night! As amazing as it was, I am seriously considering splurging on a new queen size mattress to make quiet time even more amazing! There is a lot to be said for having an early night. Treating myself to more than 5 broken hours’ sleep always feels super indulgent to me.

Host A Zoom Quiz

woman doing zoom quiz sat on her bed - ways to spend child-free evenings during lockdown

A great way to spend your evening is hosting a zoom quiz night. There are loads of free templates online, full of questions. So you can even host a themed quiz… Whether you want to focus on a particular season (Halloween Movie or Christmas Number 1 quiz are just a couple of ideas I came up with). There’s loads of options. Additionally, how about playing a zoom version of Charades or Pictionary.


Some people would probably call me crazy, but last weekend, I spent Saturday night smashing plaster off my living room walls, with the help of my (support bubble sharing) partner. He thought it was hilarious I chose that moment to bring out the hammers. It was then or never though, so I chose then!

Finally, remember that it is your choice which ways to spend child-free evenings during lockdown you choose. So don’t feel pressured into doing what someone else suggests.

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