Today’s Blogtober prompt is Millennium, so I have decided to share my own experiences of the lead up to Y2K and the year itself. So read on to find out the answer to that question… What was I doing in Y2K? I’ve been brutally honest, so brace yourself… It’s a bumpy ride!

What Was I Doing In Y2K?

Before I start proceedings on December 31st 1999, I want to add a little backstory… One of my sisters has profound learning disabilities and she moved into a care home early in 1999. My Mum took the move badly, and was drinking excessively to blot out the pain. Anyway, back to Y2K…

Bringing In The Millennium

My parents had gone to Scotland for a week to stay with family, so I was home alone. I was 16 and in my last year of school, and more than used to being left home alone. NYE itself, I went to a house party at my Auntie’s best friend’s house. Her son was one of my closest friends, so it was a great night. A few of us walked round the huge lake close to where he lived, then we all got drunk back at my friend’s house. We were bracing ourselves for the Millennium bug at midnight, but of course, it never happened!

The next day, my auntie took me home, and 3 of my friends came to stay for a few days. My folks had left me £20 for food, so we did what any 15/16 year old would do and spent it all on booze! We lived on freezer surprise for the next couple of days, and all was well. If memory serves, we watched Robbie Williams live at Knebworth Castle, which was pretty ace. I also remember being amazed when the Roman numerals which are at the end of each TV show’s credits changed from MCMXCIX (1999) to MM (2000).

Early Y2K

Around Easter time, I was studying for my GCSE’s. I was attending extra revision classes during the school holidays, then getting drunk with my friends afterwards. Unknown to almost all of them, things were pretty trough at home. My Mum had gone into rehab for her addiction and I hadn’t told anyone but my best friend. So while I should have been revising, I was busy trying to blot out what was happening.

17 year old me dressed in school uniform for night out - What was I doing in Y2K?
This photo is from the end of Y2K – I’m 17 and dressed as a school girl for a night out. My actual school uniform was a polo shirt, school tie and a pencil skirt.

I was also attending my local Drama group, and had been cast as the Queen of Hearts in a production of “Alice the Musical”. (Alice in Wonderland). So I was rehearsing for that too.

Summer Y2K

My GCSE’s were done and dusted by early June, so I left school and walked straight into a Summer job at the Local Bubble bath factory. I remember being amazed when I went from getting £5 a week pocket money to earning £700 a month in wages! (I was working from 8-5, lugging heavy boxes around, or putting caps on bottles, etc). It was tedious work, but I made some amazing friends that Summer. In fact, one of them has been my best mate ever since.

First Love

With my new riches, I was able to start going out clubbin’ at the weekends with my friends. It wasn’t long before I was snogging boys on the dance floor. I remember telling my friend that the guy sat next to us was checking her out. Turned out it was me he had his eye on. We were together for just short of 2 years in the end. He wanted to settle down, and I definitely didn’t.

17 year old me, wearing trainers, jeans and an Adidas jacket. What was I doing in Y2K?

During the day, I was almost always dressed like a full on Chav. I’m talking tracksuit bottoms or wide leg jeans with Rockport or Adidas trainers. Usually teamed with a football shirt or hoodie. Of an evening, I was normally found wearing a horribly short skirt with either knee high boots or insanely high 7 inch heels.

College Life

When Summer was over, I began college. I’d somehow managed to get 6 B’s, 2 C’s and a D in my GCSE’s, despite going off the rails. (I was estimated A-B in everything). So I got my place on a GNVQ Advanced Health and Social Care course, with a side helping of A Level Psych. My aim was to become a social worker to support adults with learning disabilities, like my sister. I was working 2 evenings a week, and weekends in an off-licence. This enabled me to still go out partying like I had grown accustomed.

However, a few weeks into college life, a lecturer told me I wouldn’t last 5 minutes as a social worker, as I’d never be able to keep within the red tape. After that, doubt ate away at me until I quit half way through my first year. I did an Apprenticeship in a care home instead.

End Of Y2K

So to answer the question, What was I doing in Y2K? The year ended with 17 year old me stuck on a college course I hated, while working in an off-licence. I was seeing my boyfriend and friends at the weekends, studying in the week, and not really having a second of down-time. (Not much has changed on that front). What were you up to in Y2K?


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  1. It sounds like you had a good time brining the new millennium in.
    That sounds like a great summer job! £700 a month is fantastic especially 20 years ago.
    I am glad things changed and improved for you x

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