Graco Symbio B – Rain Cover Challenge

It is no secret that I am rubbish at putting rain covers on pushchairs.
In fact, It’s a bit of a standing joke with my sisters.
I tend to leave them on as I get myself into a right flap when it starts
raining suddenly & I have to rush to get Sam covered over.

I am happy to report that after 4 different pushchairs, I have
FINALLY found one with a rain cover I can put on in less than a minute –

The rain cover is easy to put on, and it can be used whether your
child is forward or parent facing (Another big plus for the Symbio B)!
It took me 51 seconds to get the rain cover on, (I made hubby time me)! And Sam was still dry by the time he was covered!!

The rain cover felt very secure, and I could still flip the handle to switch between parent or forward facing while it was on.

The rain cover has a fold up flap too, so you can gain access to your baby without removing the cover fully.
When the rain was minimal, I left this up so Sam could see out – he seemed to enjoy his “window to the world”.

I loved the fact it was only a 5 second job to stick the velcro back down if the rain came back on suddenly.
All in all, the Graco Symbio B’s rain cover more than passed the test.
It kept Sam warm & dry, was easy to fit & I didn’t get soaked or
stressed when fitting it – HOORAY!

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