Simply e-LiquidIt’s been over 6 years since I switched from smoking ‘analogue’ cigarettes to ‘vaping’.  I’ve blogged about this here before.  In that time, I’ve tried a whole variety of different eliquids. From the 99p pound shop varieties, through to the most ‘discerning’ liquids that command prices of £20+ per bottle. Today I’m reviewing Simply e-Liquid.

I should stress that I vape not so much for pleasure as I do necessity. Having quit drinking and a great deal of different ‘nice’ foods, I’m not sure I have enough willpower left over to tackle the nicotine habit too. Find out my tips on ways to quit smoking here.

So ‘gourmet’ flavours and such like don’t really appeal to me. You can certainly get an awful lot of flavours these days! However, with that said, a decent ‘taste’ is still pretty important. There are some dreadful ones out there that make your mouth feel like you’ve just vaped pure bleach.

Simply e-Liquid Review

When the folks at Simply e-Liquid offered to send some samples from their own brand range for review… I was more than happy to oblige.  They have a huge range of different flavours on offer. Literally hundreds, if you also take into account all the other brands they stock. I tend to stick with regular ‘tobacco’ style flavours – basically as close to a ‘real’ cigarette as I can.

Different Flavours

I chose ‘Simply Tobacco’, ‘Virginia’ and ‘UK Tobacco’, all at 18mg strength. That’s the strongest you can buy over here now, following recent legislation. (Additionally, quite frankly, more than strong enough!) In the same way that different brands of cigarettes have a slightly different taste, the same applies to each simply e-liquid variety.

All 3 vaped well and produced a decent ‘cloud’, if that’s your thing (I know it is for many!)  Virginia and UK Tobacco both tasted very similiar to regular cigarettes. Alternatively, ‘Simply Tobacco’ had a slightly sweeter taste. It was reminiscent of pipe tobacco. Despite never being a pipe smoker, it stood out as my favourite.  The tobacco taste, and to a certain degree, aroma, is probably as close to an analogue cigarette as I’ve come across before.


A 10ml bottle of Simply e-Liquid (which is the size you’ll usually see on the high street) costs £4.65. However you can get 3 for £7.95, which equates to just £2.65 each.  If you have more equisite taste than me, or enjoy trying different exotic flavours, there’s a huge variety to choose from.  Based on my experience, I certainly recommend giving them a try if you’re a vaper… (Or a smoker, for that matter! Seriously, give vaping a go. You’ll save a fortune, and wont miss smoking one bit!)

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