Double Dilemma

When I found out I was expecting my 2nd baby, it didn’t take me long to start looking for a double pushchair!

There will be just 12 months between our 2 babies, so we’ll definitely
need a tandem, double, or dual pushchair of some description!

After many hours’ pondering, I decided to make a “wish list” of the things I hoped my pushchair would have.

This list included:
1). It must fold down in 1 step – without having to remove parts first.
2). The option to revert to a single would be good.
3). It MUST be good on uneven terrain (paths, gravel, uneven pavement etc).
4). Both seats must recline.
5). Neutral colour choice (Baby number 2 is a girl, and I have a son already, so it can’t be pink or blue)!
6). It must fit through standard doors – the entrance to our local park is very narrow, so this is very important.
7). The elder child weight limit must be 20+kg (Sam is already almost 12kg at just 9 months, so the higher the limit, the better).
8). It must not be too long (I find the long tandems very hard to steer, and they hurt my back).
9). It must fold small enough to fit into a standard car boot.
10). It must be suitable for my height (5 foot 9 in flats, 6 foot in boots)!

Before I made the list, there were several duo pushchairs I was considering.
They were (In no particular order):
iCandy Peach Blossom
Phil & Teds Vibe
Britax B Dual
Graco Quattro Tour Duo Sport
Cosatto you 2 twin
Maclaren twin Techno

I got to work crossing out pushchairs if they didn’t meet my requirements, and this is what happened:

iCandy Peach Blossom – seat needs removing before folding, so not suitable.
Britax B Dual – 15kg weight limit, so not suitable.
Phil & Teds Vibe – ticks every box!
Graco Quattro Tour Duo Sport – 15kg weight limit, so not suitable.
Cosatto you 2 twin – 15kg weight limit, so not suitable.
Maclaren twin Techno – a bit on the “short” side for me but good otherwise.

So 4 out of 6 of my possible pushchairs were completely unsuitable,
as they’d be unsafe to use within a matter of months – possibly even
before our 2nd baby rrives.
The Phil & Teds Vibe and the Maclaren Twin Techno were the only 2 left “in the running”.

I have had a few pushchairs in the past & always find separate
handles hurt my wrists after more than a mile or so pushing, so for that
reason, the Phil & Teds Vibe is my double pushchair of choice!

I chose the Vibe over other Phil & Teds models because I loved
the fact the rear seat reclined. I do a fair bit of walking round parks,
but no actual off-roading, so for that reason, the Vibe seems like the
best option for us.

I’d definitely suggest you make a list of things which are important to you, and base your search on that list.
Read lots of product reviews, and test out the pushchairs in store if
you can too – you’ll be amazed how difficult some are to steer!

Now I’ve made my choice, all I need to do is convince hubby….. Wish me luck!

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