I was recently sent a Jawbone UP24 wristband in¬†Persimmon (Orange) to review. In case you’re not familiar with them, I’ll start by explaining what it does. Jawbone 24 works alongside the Jawbone Smartphone app to collate data based on your activity levels. The band will record your steps, and send the data via bluetooth to your device (an iPhone 5s in my case). It works out your calories burnt based on your height, weight and age info. The wristband will also monitor your sleep patterns, and allow you to see how much light and deep sleep you’ve had, and how often you woke in the night. It has an RRP of ¬£124.95 and is available in 4 colours: Onyx Black, Persimmon Orange, Lemon Lime and Coral Pink.

Setting it up was really easy. I connected it to my laptop to charge for 15 minutes. While it was charging, I installed the free Jawbone app to my iPhone, and activated bluetooth on my phone. I then followed the app’s on screen instructions to connect my Jawbone 24 to my iPhone. This process was really straight forward, and took less than 5 minutes.

The Jawbone app can be connected to MyFitnessPal to share your food intake and weight with Jawbone, and your calories burnt with MyFitnessPal. This is a really useful feature, and saves you having to enter all of the data twice. You connect them via “settings” in the MyFitnessPal iPhone app.

To ensure you get the correct fit band, you need to wrap a piece of string snugly around your wrist, then measure the string.
Small = 14 to 15.5 cm
Medium = 15.5 to 18 cm
Large = 18 to 20 cm.

My band is a Medium. It fits slightly looser than a watch strap, and is really comfortable to wear. It only weighs 22g. The metal jawbone end cap is made from nickel. This doesn’t come into contact with your skin if it is worn logo side up, though.

Up24 tracks your steps when it is in daytime mode, and your sleep when it is in sleep mode. You switch between the two by pressing the silver button for 2 seconds, as shown on the image below. It vibrates briefly and flashes up a light for a split second to show you which mode it is in. For sleep mode, you see the crescent pictured below-left. For awake mode, you see the flower, pictured below-right.

I have been wearing my UP24 band for over a week now, and wanted to share some of the data with you. Let’s start with sleep mode…

The app shows you how long it took you to get to sleep, how much sound sleep you had, and how much light sleep. It tracks your sleep by monitoring your movements. It’s recommended you wear the wristband on your non dominant hand.

The night shown on the right clearly shows I was awake for quite a while just after sunrise. This was when Sam decided it was time to get up. I went back into his bed with him to settle him to sleep, before returning to my own bed and going back to sleep.

I know I was awake for at least an hour of the “light sleep” periods too, as I was lay listening to DaddyGeek snoring from around 00.35. I was lay still though, so I guess my lack of movement meant the band didn’t pick up on it.

I love being able to show DaddyGeek “proof” of just how little sleep I have had. He sleeps through a lot of Sam’s late night parties, so it’s nice being able to show him how many hours of sleep I have lost, thanks to his snoring and the kids’ middle of the night shenanigans.

The data you see during daytime mode is even more impressive. You can
clearly see how far you’ve walked, the amount of steps you’ve taken and
how many calories you’ve burnt. This was a really active day for me, and not the norm at all. It started with two early morning tip runs. This involved me loading up the car with rubbish from the bottom of our garden, then emptying it at the tip – twice! I’d done 5000 steps by 9.30am thanks to that! Next, we took the kids for a long walk, which involved running around with them on a playground for 90 minutes too.

The app successfully recorded my lost active times (shown in red) as well as my least active times (where the column is tiny or missing). DaddyGeek pushed the pram all day this day, but I have noticed myself that when I am pushing the pram, not all of my steps are recorded. I assume this is because I am not swinging my arm as I walk.

Jawbone UP24 is brilliant for recording hands free walking and running. I have checked both and it scored 100% on both. (I checked my reading, walked/ran 100 paces then checked it again). It didn’t do so well when I was jumping on the trampoline, though. I checked my reading, jumped up and down 50 times, then re-checked it. 17 of the 50 jumps were counted as steps.

The fact it didn’t record all of my steps when pushing the pram, as well as when I was bouncing makes the Active burn score a little low when you do an activity other than walking or running. Jawbone have rectified that by allowing you to directly input any other activities into the app to add the burn rate to your daily report. UP24 doesn’t have a heart rate monitor though, so as is the case with most activity monitors, this data won’t be 100% accurate. It is a great baseline though.

The Jawbone up24 wristband is shower proof and sweat proof, but cannot be worn during watersports, bathing or in steam rooms, etc. This isn’t an issue though, as it is so easy to remove, and you can add the data to the app later on to get an idea of how many calories you burnt.

I made an unboxing video to show you exactly what is included with the UP24, and how it works. Feel free to check it out.

The smart alarm feature is really cool. Within the app, you input the time you want to wake up. You input the time you want to wake up and choose either a 10, 20 or 30 minute window. The app will then gently vibrate at the time it thinks will wake you up at the best point in your sleep cycle! Pretty cool, hey? (My kids have managed to wake me up before the band has every day so far, so I can’t say whether it chose a good time or not). You can of course choose the exact time you want it to vibrate – if you prefer.

You get around 7 days’ use per charge, which I thought was pretty good. You can also set up social media sharing, so your progress will be shared via your facebook and/or twitter account. I don’t have this activated as MyFitnessPal already does it for me.

The idle alert settings mean the band will vibrate if you’ve been idle for 15 minutes. I have found this particular feature amazing. It is like having your own Jiminy Cricket on your wrist, guilting you into getting up and doing something rather than sitting still. I have it set to alert me if I am idle for 15 minutes between 8-7pm, so I still get to sit down, guilt free once the kids are in bed.

All told, I really love the UP24 wristband. my only niggle is the fact it doesn’t record steps when I am pushing the pram. Considering the fact that at least 30% of all my steps are done while pushing a pram, it’s quite a large chunk of data I am missing most days. With this in mind, I wouldn’t recommend the wristband to people who do a lot of pram or wheelchair pushing. A clip on activity monitor is probably more suited to this type of movement.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the wristband to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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