We were recently sent a “My Enchanted Mirror” to review. The item has an RRP of £20 and is aimed at children aged 4 and over. It comes with batteries included, and it is aimed at Princess loving girls.

The enchanted mirror will ask your princess several questions, which they will need to answer to help the mirror decide which kind of princess they are. Your child can ask 10 questions, and the mirror will give magical, individual answers, which will change from time to time too. You can also ask the mirror to tell 10 different stories about princesses. I’m not usually one for saying toys are aimed at just girls or just boys, but since this item refers to the user as a “Princess” so often, it is definitely not one for boys – unless said boy is happy to be called a princess, of course.

Rather than spending ages describing the toy, I decided to make this Video Demo and review to show you “My Enchanted Mirror” doing what it does best – answering your questions!

The video features all of the questions My Enchanted Mirror can answer, so is worth a watch if you have lost your booklet and just want to find out what questions your mirror can answer….

Honestly: My children weren’t big fans of this item. They aren’t really big princess fans though, so I wasn’t massively surprised by this. If you are buying it for a Princess-mad child, it’ll probably be more of a hit with them. I did love the fact the mirror came with batteries included, and it could be played with straight from the box.

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