If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know we have LOTS of dolls. One of my biggest bugbears with fashion dolls is their super skinny bodies and overly made-up faces. I have spoken before of my love for Lottie dolls, so when we were asked to review Pony Club Lottie, I was very excited!

Pony Club Lottie

Pony Club Lottie

In case you aren’t familiar with Lottie dolls, I just want to explain a little more about them… Each Lottie doll is modelled on a typical 9 year old child’s body. She wears age appropriate clothes, and she isn’t wearing any make up. Lottie isn’t restricted by gender stereotypes either. There’s pirate, karate and fossil hunter dolls available. These are alongside more traditional “girlie” sets, like a school girl and ballerina. All of the Lottie dolls are designed to be inspiring to our children, and they are great role models.

The Pony Club Lottie set has an RRP of £29.99 and is suitable for children aged 3 and over. The packaging is designed to look like a stable, and ours is still being played with, 3 weeks after we unboxed the set!

Rather than spending ages explaining what is inside… I made this unboxing and demo video so you can see for yourself what is included and how it works…

The Lottie doll stands at 18cm tall. That’s 10cm smaller than a standard Barbie Doll, which is around 28cm tall. Lottie is just the right size for my 4 and 5 year olds to play with though. Additionally, she is a lot easier to play with, according to my 4 year old.

Pony Club Lottie

Our Thoughts

Syd (my 4 year old) took Lottie and Seren (Lottie’s Pony) to meet her Fairy, Tinkerbell! She was excited to see that Lottie is just the right size to squeeze through Tink’s door! But poor Seren had to wait outside, as he was too big. According to Syd, anyway!

The quality of Lottie’s outfit is brilliant. I loved the elbow patch detail, and how well made it is. Syd found it easy to remove the clothes, but did struggle to get them back on. Lottie’s legs bend at the knee, but her arms only rotate at the shoulders. So getting the jacket on isn’t easy for little hands.

Pony Club Lottie

Speaking of Lottie’s clothes… we were also sent the Girls United accessory pack… It includes Football shorts, socks, boots, shirt and a football. This accessory pack has an RRP of £7.99 and it will fit any of the Lottie Dolls.

 Lottie Football

As the above photo shows, Lottie can stand freely in the football boots. Syd had great fun getting her dolls to have a kick around. Lottie’s hair remained smooth and tangle free during her kick – about. But it wasn’t long until she was back in her riding gear, ready for a spot of show jumping…

Pony Club Lottie show jumping

We used cotton reels, pencils and string to make a showjumping course for Lottie and Seren to show us their moves. Syd literally spent all day playing this. I was amazed at how much the set got her imagination whirring. She is definitely a massive Lottie fan, and has added the boy doll – Finn to her Christmas list.

The Lottie Range

I love the fact there’s a boy doll as part of the same range. Then again, i’d expect nothing less from a company who have put such effort into avoiding gender stereotypes, and being ethnically diverse as well…

Lottie Dolls

All told, we really like the Lottie Pony Club set, and the Girls United accessory set. I’d go as far as to say, I highly recommend them. My only complaint is that Lottie Dolls aren’t yet available to buy from large High Street Toy Stores. You can buy them on Amazon, in some small, independent toy stores or directly from the Lottie website. You can browse the full Lottie Doll collection here.

We received the items for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are my own. Finally, read more of our reviews here.

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