It’s no secret that I’m passionate about getting kids to explore STEM. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). So when I was asked to do a Measure Mate review, I was happy to oblige! One of my favourite mathematics memories from primary school is walking the corridors (and playground) with a wooden trundle wheel, measuring distances. The Measure Mate does more than that, though… Read on to find out what we got up to with it down at our allotment!

Measure Mate Review

Girl measuring a leaf along the side of the measure mate - for her Measure Mate Review

The Measure Mate is suitable for children aged 4 and over, and it has an RRP of £32. It comes in a large box, containing 3 pieces. These are the blue and green trundle wheel, the orange central bar and the blue handle. The 3 pieces click together easily, and come apart easily too, so it’s easy to store between uses.

What Can You Do With The Measure Mate?

  • Trundle wheel –used  to measure distances
  • Vertical measure – used to measure freestanding objects
  • Callipers – used to measure internal and external dimensions of an object
  • Spirit level –use this to see whether a surface is level (horizontal) or plumb (vertical)
  • Measuring stick – This can be used like a ruler

measure mate lay on a brick patio, measuring a kid's foot in a white sandal.


As you can see above, Syd loved measuring everything from leaves to feet on ours! The Trundle Wheel has cute bird print on the tread (visible in the below photo). So if you’re using it on sand, it’ll leave a little trail to follow! Unfortunately, the bark at the allotment wasn’t suitable for showcasing that. Syd spend ages measuring each of the allotment rows, as well as the patio area and the beds…

Girl using the trundle wheel on a measure mate to measure allotment.

The Measure Mate worked amazingly well for all of the above features. The spirit levels weren’t accurate, but they did give you a rough idea of whether something was straight or tilted. I wouldn’t rely on it to put up a shelf though!

checking levels with the measure mate - for our measure mate review

My Thoughts

All told, I think the Measure Mate is a brilliant bit of kit! If you’re looking for something which will make learning about measuring fun, this is definitely it! I love that it’s wipe clean, and comes with a mesh storage bag, so it can be packed away safely between uses. I’d definitely recommend it.

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