Unless you’ve been living off grid, chances are you know what Virtual Reality (VR) is. It’s an immersive digital experience which allows you to visit places and experience things from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to Computers (or smartphones) you can now ride rollercoasters, explore museums and even watch theatre shows from the front row… while sat in your armchair at home! When I was asked to review LIVR – Virtual Reality Theatre, I was happy to agree! I love going to the theatre, but a lack of childcare means it’s a very rare treat.

What is LIVR – Virtual Reality Theatre?

This is what the team behind LIVR had to say about their service:

LIVR is the world’s first virtual reality content platform dedicated to theatre. It offers a fully immersive 360° VR experience that transports you into the audience at some of the best live performances; on-demand and from the comfort of home.

From brave new works by emerging companies to critically acclaimed productions, LIVR’s ever-growing content library has something for everybody.

When you sign up, you will receive a free VR headset. You download the app to your smartphone and then select the play you want to watch first. LIVR costs £5.99 per month, and you get 1x show credit for that. So you can watch one new show a month

If you’re a fan, you can always purchase extra credits, or re-watch plays you’ve purchased at any time. There is no minimum term, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Lots of genres are covered, but there’s no children’s plays (yet). You can view the current catalogue here. Ladykiller will definitely be my next watch…

Livr play - Virtual Reality Theatre

Every month, 8 new plays are added to the catalogue, so there’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy. Lots of genres are covered, but there’s no children’s plays (yet). You can view the current catalogue here.

My Thoughts

I have an iPhone XS, and found pairing the app and the VR headset really easy. Once I had opened the app, I popped it into the VR headset and purchased my first play – Dracula. When the play begins, you find yourself sat on the front row of the auditorium. If you look straight ahead, you can see the play. When you turn to the side, you are surrounded by the audience. As the play continues, you can hear the audience’s reactions to the play, so you really do feel like you’re in an actual theatre.

LIVR - Dracula
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The VR headset doesn’t have much ventilation, and my phone did get very hot after around 40 minutes of use. My battery was also drained massively. I watched Hamlet from start to finish in one sitting and my battery went from 99% to 23%, so it does use a lot of charge.

While I was watching the play, both of the kids were keen to get in on the action. Sam has Autism and is non verbal. He couldn’t get enough of it. I am crossing everything that Livr will be adding some children’s plays to their catalogue soon, so I can let the kids experience the theatre too.

Sam wearing the VR headset watching Livr Virtual Reality Theatre

All told, I think the concept of Livr is brilliant. I think having the option to download the play before watching would be good, so you can enjoy them when you don’t have wifi. (We were camping at the weekend and I’d have loved to show our friends what the app can do).

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