Pain Relief in Pregancy

When I was pregnant with Sam, I was in agony with back and hip pain from being around 16 weeks pregnant. I was referred for physio and acupuncture, and the acupuncture worked a treat. It didn’t cure my pain, but it enabled me to keep mobile and avoid pain killers for the most part.

During this pregnancy, I have kept more active and tried to do the physio exercises I was given to avoid my SPD getting bad again. This was working great – until last week. For the past week or so, I have been very sore every evening, and in agony each morning. I was in so much pain this morning, my legs buckled when I got out of bed.

I have just got back from the doctors, and have been given some Co-codomol to take when absolutely necessary, and I have been referred for acupuncture. I am crossing everything it is as helpful this time around. I only hope I get an appointment quickly – I’m not sure I can cope with this pain for much longer.

I can’t carry Sam, I can’t drive, walking is challenging, and the pain is so intense, I can barely sleep. I am not one for taking pain killers, even paracetomol is only something I take when pain becomes unbearable, so the co-codomol will only be taken when absolutely necessary.

I have got my gym ball too – which helps a little. A few people have mentioned visiting an Osteopath too, but honestly – this isn’t something we can afford. My friend has given me a bump support belt too, so I will be trying that later today.

What about you? Did you have SPD? If so, what pain relief did you swear by?

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