The GREAT Outdoors

In recent weeks, (OK Months), I have noticed that Sam is much happier outside. It doesn’t matter if he’s strapped in his pram watching the world go by, or rolling on the grass in the park… He is definitely an outdoorsy child!

This pleases me in a lot of ways. Mainly because it gets him away from the TV! He gets lots of fresh air (as do Syd and I), plus he is getting to experience loads of new things. It displeases me because I get Hayfever. But I’ll power through!

Last Summer was a write off for us when it came to enjoying the great outdoors – I was heavily pregnant, then I was stuck indoors trying to crack breastfeeding Syd, then Syd was throwing up so much, going out was beyond stressful. This is the first time Sam has had a chance to really enjoy being outside – excluding trips to the playground or walks in the pram of course.

He loves to play on the grass, watch the birds flying, watch people and pick flowers (I don’t encourage the last one)! He also adores the playground! He’d sit on the swings all day if I let him!

Our back garden is about as un-child-friendly as it gets. DaddyGeek and I are not green fingered at all. In 2009, we had it landscaped with decking and gravel (The sharp, jagged kind of gravel). Our garden used to get waterlogged and really boggy whenever it rained – this is why we did the decking and gravel thing.

We’ve been weighing up costs of getting turf put back in. Seriously – By the time we’ve bought the soil and the turf, we’ll be bankrupt lol! (We’d need to leave the gravel down to give the garden the drainage it needs, so we’d need tons of soil). Our back garden doesn’t have rear access, so all of the soil would have to be carried right through the house, too! NIGHTMARE! In the mean time, we are going to get the decked area sorted and fenced off, so that the kids can at least play on there when we can’t go to the park. 

I’m determined to get this done in time for Sam’s birthday, so that (weather permitting) we can spend some time out there with his new toys… (Wish me luck)!

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