Proud Mummy Alert!


How is it that just when you’re feeling like death… exhausted, full of a cold, sorry for yourself, and like you want to run away, your kids do something amazing, and you remember why parenting is so rewarding…?

Last night involved next to no sleep as all of us are full of coughs and colds. We are one big, horrid ball of germs.
Sam seems to have given us all Batman Flu….. It’s much worse than just Man flu!

Sam was up most of the night with a temperature, runny nose and dry cough. I was up with him.
Syd woke a couple of times, but nothing more than usual for her.

Today, my Batman Flu was hideous! As were the exhaustion levels. Not even caffeine helped.
When Sam went down for his nap, I decided me and Syd would do the same.
Syd had about half an hour asleep on my bed. I got no sleep as Sam woke just as Syd went down.

You can imagine how much I wanted to cry when Sydney woke up, literally 5 minutes after Sam was asleep again.
I decided we’d relax on my bed for a while and play. I sat her up, and this happened…..

OK, so she only managed 9 seconds before wobbling to one side, but she did it!

Syd is 22 weeks and 3 days old! Sam was 28 weeks old when he first sat up, unaided. That means she’s a good 6 weeks ahead of him, now!!
(This is probably down to her reflux, as she has spent a LOT of time sat up after feeds, and has been fed in a more upright position, too).

I’m going to bed as a proud (and exhausted) mummy tonight!

Well done Sydney!!

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