During half term, I took the kids down to Heaton Park and met up with my friend and her son for a play date. It was a dry, crisp day so we were all wrapped up warm. Read on to find out how we got on when we went for Donkey rides at Heaton Park.

Donkey Rides At Heaton Park

We fed the ducks and then had an epic walk up to the Farm. After looking at the animals, we headed back down towards the lake. En Route, we spotted some children having donkey rides. I asked Syd if she would like to have a go, fully expecting her to say no. She immediately said she did, and ran over with my friend’s son to join the queue.

The lady taking the money and putting hats on the children asked if it was 3 kids. I explained about Sam’s autism and the fact he couldn’t tolerate anything on his head. She said that if I was happy for him to go on without one, she would stand on one side of the Donkey while I stood on the other. Sam was beaming from ear to ear at the news. Who knew Autism friendly¬†Donkey rides at Heaton Park were a thing?

Donkey rides at Heaton Park

While we waited, Sydney tried on several different hats, until she found one she was happy with. My friend’s son was confident on his donkey, so his Mum stood with Syd while we walked round the field. All 3 kids were grinning all the way round. Sam was saying “eeeeeee” on and off, and tried to stroke the donkey he was riding as well.

It cost us ¬£3 per child, and the ride lasted around 5 minutes. All 3 kids loved it though, so it was money well spent. Sydney still talks about the donkey ride every day, despite it being 2 weeks ago now. It’s definitely an activity we will be doing again!

My Thoughts

It was such a refreshing change, finding a low cost activity both children enjoyed. Usually, one of them loves something while the other either doesn’t like it or can’t handle it for sensory reasons.

The staff were brilliant with Sam, as was the gorgeous Donkey he rode. Hubby is now busy saving for a pony, as Syd keeps asking for one! I’m mostly just playing the lottery in the hope we win enough to buy a farm. Between the horse, hubby’s grow your own obsession and Sam’s need to be out in the open… I think that a farm will probably be the only way to keep all 3 of them happy!

Me? As long as the kids sleep, I’ll live anywhere!

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