Last month was a crazy busy one here for lots of reasons. In amongst the chaos, Syd and I had some fun with an an erupting volcano experiment for kids, in honour of Science week.

Erupting Volcano Experiment For Kids

I thought I’d share our results from the erupting volcano experiment for kids on here… To help any budding scientists in the future.

erupting volcano experiment for kids

We used these Nina and the Neurons instructions, but I’ll share our experiences below and our suggested alterations…

erupting volcano experiment for kids

Our Experiences

Firstly, I wouldn’t bother with Play doh, as it was really hard to get it to stick to the bottle. What we did in the end, was scrunch up newspaper around the bottle into a volcano shape. Next, we stuck parcel tape over the entire thing.

We stuck brown play doh over the top of this, but again… I would skip this step next time, as the parcel tape did the job and the play doh got really messy during the experiment.

We used red food colouring gel – this didn’t work very well. I’d try to use liquid food colouring next time, or mix the food colouring into the washing up liquid thoroughly before squirting it into the volcano.

Other than that, I’d stick to the experiment as outlined above. If you’d like to see what happened when we did the experiment, and Syd’s reaction… Check out this video…

As you can see, I asked Syd lots of questions as we went along. I let her take the lead on what we did next. She really enjoyed this activity and is still talking about it often, 5 weeks later.

Finally, if you try this experiment, or have any tips to share, I’d love to hear them! If you want to see more of our STEM content, feel free to click here!

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