Pre children, I spent a lot on shoes. I always hated buying myself clothes as my tallness made it a chore and a half, but shoe shopping was enjoyable. Since I had the kids, my priorities (and shoe budget) have changed. Nowadays, I am usually seen wearing a pair of trainers or some £10 supermarket pumps which need 6 plasters to survive the day. When Hotter Shoes got in touch to tell me I had won a pair of their JEWEL shoes, I was very excited!

Hotter Shoes JEWEL

Hotter ShoesHotter Shoes Jewel are available in a range of colours and width fittings, but I opted for good old Black, so they’d match my mostly black wardrobe.

I was really pleased to see that Hotter Shoes offer half sizes, as I usually find that a UK 7 is too tight while a UK 8 is too big. With that in mind, I opted for the UK 7.5 in a standard width and they fit like a dream!

When they first arrived, I was worried the stiff leather around the heel would be uncomfortable on my feet, but after 2 wears and zero blisters, they were as comfy as my slippers!

My Style

I usually wear my Jewel shoes (pictured below) without socks or tights and am happy to report my feet don’t smell afterwards and they don’d get sweaty like they usually do in a cheap, supermarket equivalent. I’m assuming that’s because these are made from leather, not plastic.

Hotter Shoes

These shoes have an RRP of £65 and are available in a UK size 3 to 9 (including half sizes). You can opt for a slim, standard or wide fit too.

The insole (pictured below) is super thick, breathable and removable, too – though I’m not sure why you’d want to remove the comfiest insole I’ve ever felt. Possibly if you need a little more wiggle room?

Hotter Shoes

The soles of the Hotter Shoes Jewel ballerina pumps are made from Polyurethane. I’m not sure what that is exactly, but it is super grippy, and hasn’t marked my wooden floors. The embossed hotter logo on the side of the shoe is really subtle. Yet anyone having a closer look at your shoe can immediately see they are incredible quality… Thanks to the embossed leather and beautiful stitching.

The Jewel shoes have a slightly raised, wedge heel. This adds around 1 inch to my height. Honestly… My feet are as comfortable in these as they are in my trainers.

My Thoughts

All told, I highly recommend the black Jewel Shoes. I have been wearing them for around 6 weeks now, and the leather still looks immaculate. The bows still look perfect and the leather hasn’t creased at all around the toe like you’d usually expect with leather shoes.

I have definitely remembered why I used to spend more on shoes. I’ll be looking at shoes as an investment in future. These are going to last a lot longer than the cheap £10 supermarket pumps I usually wear do. Additionally, my feet definitely appreciate the extra comfort, too.

This is not a sponsored post. I won the Jewel shoes, but thought I’d share my opinion here. 

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