I saw a post recently asking how much of my time is spent using technology. I pondered the question and realised the answer was: too much. Most of my free time is spent glued to my iPhone. On top of that, my Kindle is usually in my bag and my laptop comes out once the kids are in bed. Based on that, I decided to try to come up with 5 ways to keep myself occupied without technology.

5 Ways I Could Keep Myself Occupied Without Technology

My number one way to keep myself occupied is definitely reading. Recently I have been doing most of that on my kindle, but I do still love paper books. I really do need to get back to regularly visiting the library. Our closest one has relocated recently, so it’s worth checking the location for your local library before you plan your trip.

Secondly, to keep myself occupied I could go swimming. I used to enjoy spending time in the pool, and found it easier to turn down junk food after a few laps as well. I really should get back to it. My weight is creeping up again, so I need all the help I can get!

I really should do more walking, too. Before the kids started school, I used to walk miles every day. Between their nursery runs and trips to the park, walking was easy to fit into my schedule. This was a frequent sight back then – saggy jeans included.

keep myself occupied walking


These days, I spend several hours behind the wheel of my car instead. It takes me a good 90 minutes every morning to drop sam at school. then an additional 70 minutes to get him home again afterwards. Once September rolls around that will all change though. Sam will be getting a taxi to his special needs school. So I’ll be free to walk Syd to her school, which will be almost a mile away from home. I keep telling hubby we need a dog so we all have a reason to get out for more walks – so far, he’s not agreeing though.

Number 4 on my tech free list is gardening. We have an allotment, and hubby spends many hours there every week. I think he goes for a bit of peace, but I do tag along occasionally.

Last week, I learnt a valuable lesson about gardening – wear sun cream! I was at the allotment for 4 hours last Friday. It didn’t feel particularly sunny, but I got burnt to a crisp – look!

keep myself occupied gardening

Finally, volunteering is something else I could be doing to keep myself occupied. It seems like a great way to keep busy while the kids are at school. There are a few local organisations listed online that I’d consider helping out. An elderly befriending service would be perfect for me. I miss having older relatives to chat with and love listening to their tales. So I’d probably get as much out of a role like that as the elderly person would.

I just want to add that there’s nothing wrong with using technology, but it does often end up consuming a lot of my own time.

Have you ever thought about where you could cut back on technology, and which tech free activities you wish you were doing more of?

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