It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a geek. So much so, it’s half of my blog name. A few people have asked me recently what kind of gifts I like to receive, so today I’m sharing some gift ideas for geeky women. Read on for some ideas and inspiration on what to get the geeky gal in your life.

Gift Ideas For Geeky Women

The big difference between a geek and a nerd is that a nerd tends to be obsessed with one specific thing, whereas a geek likes lots of different things. For me, I love lots of things which could be considered a little on the geeky side. These include Batman, Harry Potter, Lego, books, Disney, technology, and Nintendo. I also love a bit of geeky fashion, so expect some inspiration on that front too.

Retro Epicness

Personally, I can’t resist a bit of retro geekiness. So when I spotted this scooter for grown – ups, I had to include it! The Frenzy 205mm Kaimana is available in several colours from and is perfect for commuting. Also, is it just me, or does it give off serious Chopper vibes?

retro scooter for grown ups

Kitchen Gadgets

I am a huge fan of kitchen gadgets. My VonHaus air fryer is still one of my favourite things. So when I saw their whipped cream dispenser, I had to include it here. Anyone who loves a festive hot chocolate or coffee is sure to love this! (You will need to buy N20 cream chargers separately, though)!

Vonhaus Whipped Cream Dispenser

Geeky Clothing For Women

I love a slogan hoodie. The Zelda and Hogwarts ones I got a while back are still firm favourites. There are loads of epic T-shirts available from Iwoot too – A little tip… always go one size bigger than you think you need. Women’s t-shirts tend to be snug, and a woman returning something which is too big is usually happier than one who received a gift that’s too small. I particularly loved this Donald Duck one…

Donald Duck top- gift ideas for geeky women

When it comes to finding gift ideas for geeky women, it’s a good idea to have a specific niche in mind. For example, does the recipient have a particular tv show they love, or a comic book, perhaps? Using these as a starting point is a great idea. I love the Rocky films, so when I received this Rocky dressing gown, I was over the moon!

Beauty Buys

I may be a geek, but I still like to make an effort with my appearance. So it’s hardly a surprise I fell in love with this Hollywood Mirror. With an RRP of £84.99, it’s definitely a “main gift”, but it packs an incredible “wow factor” too. I also love that it can be wall mounted or used with the included stand.

hollywood mirror - gift guide for geeky women

Home Accessories

I am a big fan of funky bits for the home. My house is definitely not furnished to a Mrs Hinch style of modern, matching colour schemes. Instead, it’s an eclectic mix of stuff I love. You won’t find a perfectly filled mug tree in my kitchen. I’m more of a “Random, funky mugs” kind of girl. This Dexter mug from Etsy has definitely got my seal of approval!

Dexter Mug - gift ideas for geeky women

And Relax!

I’m a big fan of a long soak in the bath. I’m also cursed with super sensitive skin, so buying me smells is not a good idea. This underwater disco lightshow is definitely my kind of party, though! Don’t judge – We all know you want one too!

underwater disco lightshow - geeky gift

Gift Certificate

If all else fails, buying a bookworm a book token or amazon voucher is always a pretty safe bet. Just make sure the voucher you buy is something they can redeem quickly and easily. You can always make your own gift voucher, promising a night out, or even a night away. This is a great option for the current climate, as everything is so unpredictable right now, so booking ahead is risky. The voucher gives you something to look forward to, without the risk.

Finally, if you have any other gift ideas for geeky women suggestions, pop them in the comments below.

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