Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of Trendy Tot Thursday! (#TT_Thursday)! If you aren’t sure how it works, feel free to read this intro post for full info. Here’s the basics…

#TT_Thursday is a new ish Children’s Fashion linky.
It’s a place for you to share photos of an outfit your child has worn
in the past week or so. You can link up outfits for any child, of any age
and any gender. We’d love you to share outfits you’ve bought recently, or
ones you’ve had
for ages. It doesn’t matter whether the outfit was custom made, from a well known store or was from a charity shop. If you love it, feel free to

Without further ado… Here’s my #TT_Thursday post for this week…

Sydney is wearing a top from Next. It is from a 3 pack, which cost £11.50.

Her shorts are from Mini Boden (from their eBay outlet). I bought them last year, and think they were around £10.

Syd’s shoes are from Mothercare. I bought them last Winter to go with her Christmas dress, but they were a bit too big for her at the time. She loves them now, though.

Her socks are from a 3 pack from Asda. I think they were around £2.50.

Finally… the backpack she is wearing on the 2nd photo is a Little Life toddler day sack with rein. It’s a total life saver!

Now I’ve shown you mine… Let’s see your post!

Feel free to grab the below badge for your linky post…

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