Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 6

Welcome to week 6 of Trendy Tot Thursday (aka #TT_Thursday). If you’ve not joined in before, why not check out the intro post. If you know what to do…. go right ahead… read, comment and share your own #TT_Thursday post below.

This week, Syd FINALLY fitted into the BabyK from Mothercare outfit she received way back in February. This was her wearing it then…

The top and jeans are both in age 2-3. The Baby K jeans are still available in a few sizes. They have an RRP of £15-17 but are down to £9 in the sale. The top was £8-£10, but it is no longer available. 

This is her rocking the outfit yesterday…

The sequins on the top are all still in place, despite it being washed a good 5 times now. (The top has fitted her for a while). The sequins which are glued to the jeans are all still in place as well, though they haven’t been washed as of yet. The waistband on the jeans is adjustable, and the jeans are much too long for Syd. Thankfully, they still look cute when rolled up (I thought so, anyway)!

Baby K is a really funky, urban label. It’s definitely a cool look. I don’t think Syd was a fan of the jeans, though. She kept asking for them off as they were stopping her from climbing onto everything she usually climbs. She’s definitely more of a dress and tights girl, or leggings at a push.

Phew! That’s my week Trendy Tots outfit revealed for another week… Now, let’s see what your tots have been wearing! Pop your link in the linky box below, and try to read and comment on some of the other posts too – that’s what makes linkys work, afterall.

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