We were recently sent a CBeebies Sweet Dreams With Squidge Musical Soft Toy to review. They retail at £19.99 and measure 15.2×18.23cm. He weighs 222g and is suitable for children aged 10 Months and over.

Once unboxed, my toddlers immediately began fighting over him! They are both huge CBeebies fans, and took a shine to Squidge straight away. I was impressed that Squidge came with batteries, and worked straight from the box – always a huge plus when you’ve got impatient toddlers!

I managed to get this snapshot of Sam being sang to sleep last week – he was in his element!

Squidge doesn’t have a volume control, and to be honest he is a bit on the loud side in my opinion. When you press the button under the stars on his tummy, he plays the CBeebies bedtime song. While the song is playing, Squidge glows in different colours to soothe your child off to sleep. Neither of my two have actually fallen asleep with Squidge yet, but he does help them to realise it’s time to sleep.

I made this video review to show you Squidge in action – hope it helps!

We keep Squidge upstairs so the kids only see him after they’ve had their baths. The fact he isn’t washable makes me quite nervous. All told, I think Squidge is a great gift for a CBeebies fan. I’d give him 4/5. He’d be getting a 5 if he had a volume control as I think he is a bit too loud to soothe either of my kids to sleep.

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent Squidge to review, but all words and opinions are my own

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