365 Days to go

This time next year, I will be on the verge of turning 30.
Tomorrow, I enter my final year of my twenties.

I could start a 30 before I’m 30 list, but I know I won’t manage to tick off any of the things I REALLY want to achieve in life next year.

Therefore, I am instead going to spend the next year compiling a list of things I want to achieve once I AM 30. Stuff I know I can’t do in my 20’s, but want to do ONE DAY.

Like going to Sydney, Australia (I have been dreaming of living there since I was about ten). Now I’ve scaled back my dream, and would be content to visit.

Some of the things could be achieved before I hit 30 (Like getting round to watching Star Wars, and watching all of the James Bond films). I am a realist though, and I know that I barely have 5 minutes’ peace, so finding time to watch an entire film (or 60) will be difficult for the forseeable.

Some of my new dreams need to wait until the kids are older too, as they involve them. Like teaching them to ride bikes, letting them bury me in the sand, helping them write their letters to Santa. Yep, I cannot wait to do all of the cheesey stuff I loved seeing photos of from my Dad’s childhood. I don’t remember burying anyone in the sand as a kid, but I want to make sure my kids get to do that.

What about you? What is the ONE THING from your bucketlist you REALLY need to work on achieving? Is it just for you, or does it involve others too?

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