Autumn – My Favourite Time Of Year

I love Autumn. I love those crisp mornings, the leaves crunching under foot. I love the smell of Autumn, too – My Grandad was forever burning leaves when I was a kid!

I love the fashion that comes with Autumn, too. It’s not quite cold enough for woolly jumpers, hats and scarves, but you need more than just a top on. It’s all about layering for me. In early Autumn,I love to whack a cardigan or a jacket on top of my Summer stuff, to prolong it’s life a little.

As Autumn progresses and temperatures dip, I love to dig out my old
faithful Winter duffel coat. I keep toying with the idea of getting a Parka, as I wear Jeans and Tshirts a lot, but my Duffel coat looks a bit smarter. I wear a lot of knitted dresses too, and am not convinced a Parka would look right over those. I have this same argument with myself every September!

I have already ordered my new Autumn boots – I cannot wait for them to arrive. After several years of switching between flat over the knee boots and almost flat biker style boots, I have opted for a Cowboy Boot this year.

I LOVE over the knee boots as they keep you much warmer, but you get
some pretty funny looks when you are wearing over the knee boots and
pushing a double pram! They aren’t very “Mummy,” are they?! I loved my
biker boots too, but I just can’t find any this season. My fat calves
mean I have a very limited choice. I opted for these ones in the end.

I am going to revive my existing jeans by using a machine dye. I love my comfy jeans, and I hate throwing away stuff which can be reused, so I figured I’d save some cash and just dye them again.

I can’t wait for Halloween. I’ve already got the kids costumes planned, thanks to my sister! I need to find them a party to go to, now! Or throw one. Maybe!

I am equally as excited about Bonfire Night. I love getting wrapped up and sitting outside (with the kids) watching the fireworks. We won’t be going to a display or a bonfire, but we will get wrapped up and set up camp in the garden, with some nice warming snacks and drinks.

What about you, then? What do you love about Autumn?!

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